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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful SMS for Friendship and love

                                                          LOVELY FRIENDSHIP SMS

hi u freind ship is network which needs no recharge. if freindship is not in world there will not bepeace in the nation ,harmony in the house and there is no a light which is bright as friendship

Words begin with ABC,,
number begin with 123,,,,,,,
musik begins with sa,re.ga and,,,,,
friendship begins with U,,, AND,,, ME,,,,

friendship is sweet when its new, sweeter when its true, but sweetest when its u, when GOD gave friends HE tried to be fair! when i got u, i got more than my शेयर.

You have to think before You speak to me!
My presence ever makes You feel uncomfortable.
You have to thank me for everything i do for You.
You don't realise how Your smile brightens up my day.
You would rather keep quiet when You really wanna talk!
You take too much time to tell me what i mean to You.

Wat u see as truth wat u see as lies remember that true friendship never dies although we may change & drift apart, ill always value u deep within my heart!

My friend Ur words r ANTIBIOTICS, Ur smile is ANALOGESIC,
Ur touch is ANTI-INFLAMTORY, Ur presence is ANTISEPTIC,
Ur SMS is ANTI-PYRETIC.. that's why i never fall ill:

Feelings R many but Words R few,
Clouds R dark, But Sky is blue,
Love is a paper, life is a glue,
Everything is false.. but Friendship s True...!!

Dear O Dear, You are not Near,
But I can Hear, Dont Get Fear,
Your memories Here, Live with Cheer,
No more Tear!....... MY DEAR फ्रेंड

Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love,
Bcoz sun rises in east and sets in west,
But friendship rises in heart and sets after death.

A friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. A friend is precious a friend is u.

True friends are those
Who Care without hasitation,
Remember without Limitation,
Forgive without any Explanation,
and Love even with little Communication!!! 

Our lives have changed ever since,
We first became friends....
I'm so glad our friendship has,
Grown along with Us !
Thanks for always being there
    ....By my side...

From "BUDS" to "BLOOMS"
Our friendship has grouwn so beautifull with tiem..
Thank you for being such a lovely Friend to me !!

Even when the  world,
Turns a cold shoulder..
I Know i can turn to you...
With you i feel warm,
comfortable and safe.
You are my Light..
At the end of the Tnnnel.

Friends are the sunshine of life"
Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth,

I'm thankful for times,
You have summoned a smile,
I'm gratefull our paths,
Have converged for a while.

I'm feeling the force,
Of a friendship that's true,
I'm fortunate knowing,
A person like YOU!

You r special to me,
YOu r someone I trust,
I trusted the topics,
That we have discussed.

friendship is like a snow ball easy to make but hard to कीप

There r 4 chambers in my heart...
1 for papa
1 for mom
1 for dids &
1 for God
oh! Wht abut u my frnd?
Sorry! no place 4 u in my heart...
B'coz a frnd like u r my HEARTBEAT.

Whenever you're happy,
or feeling sad,
Just call on me.
You are going to be glad that you had.
Cause I'm gonna be there
with open arms.
I'm going to be there
to bear your arms.

Friend is one, who
F-inds you in a
R-ush of people,
I-nspires you to do something in life, Catches your
E-motions and
N-ever leaves you till

Missing u iz my “HOBBY”
Care 4 U, is my “JOB”
Make u happy, is my “DREAM”
Pray 4 u, is my “DUTY”
2 keep friendship wid u,
is my “CHOICE”

A cute thought for those
who believe in friendship.
It’s not necessary 2 share
every secret between true friends
but it’s important that whatever u share is true.

If ur sms is not coming,
I think u r sending but its undelivered,
if U r not calling i think u r trying
but d network is bz,
bcz beleiving is most important in friendship.

Love is like “missed call”.
It stops when U try 2 catch.
But Friendship is like “sms”
Bcoz it comes & stays inside Ur Inbox
until U delete it.
So its upto u 2 keep & value a friend!

Friendship doesnt occurs with special ppl,
people becomes special after becoming friends,
Just wanted to let u know that
U r very “Special” to में

Treat life as sea,
heart as d seashore &
FRIENDS like d waves.
It never matters how many waves r there?
What matters is which 1 touches d seashore.

The wrong kind of people
dislikes you 4 the good in you
The right kind of peoples like you
knowing even the bad in you.
That makes a Friendship strong…

A special LUNCH 4 u,
In de hotel of my Heart,
A boul of love,
A spoon of care,
In the pot of Happiness,
Dish is friendship,
Pay the bill

Expect the people you love to be better.
It helps them to become better.
But don’t get upset when they fail.
It helps them keep trying.!

Heart is like a bottle of perfume.
If u never open it nobody knows the fragrance inside it..
If u keep it always open
soon u will loose ur fragrance.
So act wisely.

Love is possible after friendship
friendship is not possible after love
medicines work before death
later nothing can be cured….!!!

Love is like playing the piano.
First you must learn to
play by the rules,
then you must forget the
rules and lay from your heart.

Life is 4 living, I Live 4 U.
Songs r 4 singing, I Sing 4 U.
Love is 4 caring, I Care 4 U.
Angels r 4 keeping, Can I keep U…?

Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together:
at the door where the latter enters,
the former makes its exit.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Friendship, Lovely Shayari, SMS for Love And all Railway station codes

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                                                      Friendship Massage
Dosti Mausam Nahi
Apni Mudat Pori Kare Aur Rukhsat Ho Jaye
Dosti Sawan Nahi
Toot K Barse Aur Tham Jaye
Dosti Aag Nahi
Sulge Bharke Aur Rakh Ho Jaye
Dosti Aftab Nahi
Chamke Aur Dob Jaye
Dosti Phool Nahi
Khile Aur Murjha Jay
Dosti To Saans Hai
Jo Chale To Sab Kuch Hai
Toot Jaye To Kuch Bhi Nahi…

Wo Nahi Hoti
Jo”JAAN”Deti Hai Dosti
Wo Nahi
Jo “MUSKAN” Deti Hai
Asli Dosti To Woh Hoti Hai
Jo Pani Me Gire
Bhi Pahechan Leti He…

Kaho To Aik Lafz
Mango To Bandagi
Socho To Gehra Asar
Dubo To Zindagi
Karo To Aasan
Nibhaoo To Mushkil
Bikhre To Sara Zamana
Simte To Sirf Tum …

Dosto Se Hai Hamari Zindagi,
Inke Bagair 2 Pal Bhi Gavara Hai,
Inke Karan Hi Hai Is Chehre Par Muskurahat,
Aise Dost Kinko Milte Dobara Hai…

Inke Bina Toh Khushi Bhi Mayusi Ka Hai Alam,
Inke Sath Se Mushkile Bhi Jasn-Bahara Hai,
Kon Hai Is Duniya Mein Apna Dosto,
Ek Tumara Hi Toh ab Raha Sahara Hai…

Aye dost dosti aisi nibhao ke sari duniya dekhti reh jaye,
Are duniyawale to kya khud khuda bhi aakar tumse puchhe
Mujhse Dosti Karoge ?

Kismat par etabar kisko hain
Mil jaye khusi inkar kisko hain
Kuch majbooriya hain mere dost
Warana judai se pyar kisko hain”

Kal na phir ye samaa hoga,
Hum mein se kaun najaane kahaan hoga..?
Murjhaaye phool to mil jaenge kitaabon mein,
Par bicchde Doston ka shayad hi koi pataa hoga….

Kya zamaana tha,hum roz mila karte the;
Raat bhar chaand ke humraaz fira karte the..
Dekh kar jo chupchaap guzar jaate hain,
Kabhi us shakhs ko apna Dost kaha karte the….

Rishton ki kitaab ka cover hai dosti,
Dosti se bani hai hamari hasti,
Khoon ke rishton ki baat aap karte hain,
Hamare liye to zindagi hai aap ki dosti.

Dost dost se khafa nahi hota,
Pyaar pyaar se juda nahi hota.
Bhula dena meri kamiyon ko,
Kyunki insaan kabhi Khuda nahi hota…

Ye safar Dosti ka kabhi khatm na hoga,
Doston se pyaar kabhi kam na hoga.
Door rehkar bhi jab rahegi mehek iski,
Hamein kabhi bicchadne ka gham na hoga…

Hum wo nahi jo tujhe gham mein chhod denge,
Hum wo nahi jo tujhse naata tod denge…
Hum to tere wo Dost hain,
Jo agar teri saasein band ho,
to apni saasein jod denge…..

Karni Khuda se kuch fariyaad baaki hai,
Hamein unse kehni kuch baat baaki hai…
Maut aegi to kehna ruk,abhi apne Dost se
Mulaakaat baaki hai….

Wada to nahi karte dosti nibhaynge,
Koshish yahi rahegi apko nahi satayenge,
Zarurat pade to dilse pukarna,
Marte bhi honge to mohlat lekar aayenge..

Dosti Ghazal Hai Gun Gunane Ke Liye
Dosti Naghma Hai Sunane Ke Liye
Yeh Woh Jazba Hai Jo Sab Ko Nahin Milta
Kion Ki Hosla Chahiye Dosti Nibhane Ke Liye
Sau bewafaai kubool hain ek vafaai ke liye,
Sau aansu kubool hain ek hasi ke liya,
hum tho mohtaj hain aapke pyar ke…
Sau dushmani kubool hain aapki dosti ke liye…
Phool khilte rahein zindagi ki rah mei,
Hasi chamakti rahi aap ki nigaah mei,
Kadam kadam par mile khusi ki bhaar aapko,
Dil deta hai yehi dua baar baar aaapko….
Kuch nasha to aapki baat ka hai,
kuch nasha to dheemi barsaat ka hai,
humein aap yun hi sharabi na kahiye,
is dil par asar to aap se mulakat ka hai!
Zarurat hi nahi alfaz ki,
Dosti to bas cheeze hai ahsas ki,
Pass hote to kya manzar hota,
Door se hi kabar hai hame apki har sas ki..

Pyar Karnewalon ki kismat kharaab hoti hai
Har waqt inteha ki ghadi saath hoti hai
Waqt mile to rishto ki kitaab khol ke dekh lena,
Dosti har rishtey se lajawab hoti hai
Mere Dil, Jiger, Kidney, Liver ho tum
waqt-bewaqt aaye vo fever ho tum
Doob kar jisme marr jaoo vo River ho tum
Mere jeevan mein ab to forever ho tum
Kisi Ko Apni Khoobion Ka Ehsaas Nahin Hota
Aap Jaisa Dostoon Ka Milna Itifaaq Nahin Hota
Achha Kuch Kia HoGa Hum Ne
Warna Aap Ho Sath Humaray Yeh Yaqeen Nahin Hota
Pyar se pyari koi majboori nahi hoti,
kami apno ki kabhi puri nahi hoti,
dilon ka juda hona alag baat hai
nazron se door hona koi doori nahi hoti.
Dosti toh sirf ek ittefaaq hai,
Yeh toh dilon ki mulaakaat hai,
Dosti nahi dekhti yeh din hai ki raat hai,
Isme toh sirf wafaadaari aur jasbaat hai !!
                                                               Hindi Shayari
Hum rait pe naam kabhi likhtay nahi;
Rait pe likhay naam kabhi tikhtay nahi;
Loog hamay pathar samajhtay hain;
Par patthar pe likhay naam kabhi mittay nahi!!!!!

Kaise sukoon paau tujhe dekhne k baad..
Kya gazal sunaau tujhe dekhne k baad..
Aawaz de rahi hai meri zindgi mujhe..
Jaau na jaau main tujhe dekhne ke baad…

Shayad yeh waqt humse koi chaal chal gaya,
rishta wafa ka aur hi rangon mein dhal gaya,
ashqon ki chandni se thi behtar woh dhoop hi,
uss modd se shuru kare phir se zindagi…

Ahista ahista aapka yakeen karne lage hain….
Ahista ahista aapke kareeb aane lage hain…
Dil tho dene se ghabraathe hain…
Magar ahista ahista aapke dil ki kadar karne lage hain….

Aapse kaha nahi kuch humne…
Magar ahista ahista aapke lafzon per aetebaar karne lage hain…
Aapka dil dharaktha hai tho…
Ahista ahista humme wo dharkane sunaaye dene lagthi hain…
Aapki aankhon mein jo mohabbat hai…
Ahista ahista wo humme nazar aane lagi hai…

Aapse milkar yaad aane lagi wo beethi hui baatein…
Magar ab ahista ahista bhulaane lage hain hum wo dard ka ehsas….
Najaane kyun badal ne lagi hai yeh soch hamaari…
Magar ahista ahista saare shikwe gile mitne lage hain…

Oas ki boond si hoti hai betiyan..
sparsh khurdara ho to roti hai betiyan..
roshan karega beta to ek kul ko…
do do kulon ko ki laj hoti hai betiyan…
koi nahi hai ek dusre se kam..
heera agar hai beta..
to sucha moti hai betiyan..
kanton ki rah par yeh khud hi chalti hai…
auron ke liye phool hoti hai betiyan..
vidhi ka vidhan hai..
yahi dunia ki rasam hai..
muthi bhar neer si hoti hai betiyan…

Tapte huve hai dil tadpenge kya kare
Yaden ik jahar hai peete hai kya kare
Tumko har janam me mange.ge bar bar
Tum na suno to tumhi batao kya kare
Phursat mile jo tumko kabhi humse aake mil
Hur pal tum hi tum ho batao ki kya kare
Apni ankhon me chhupa le ya tumhare dil me chhup jayen
Tum hi jab pass na aao to kya karen.

Dushman bhi pesh aaye hai dildar ki tarah,,
Nafrat milee hai unse mujhe pyaar ki tarah.
Kaise milenge chanhne wale bataiye,
Duniya khadi hai rah mein deewarki tarah.
Woh bewafai kar ke bhi sharminda na hue,
Sooli pe hum chadhe hai gunahgar ki tarah.
Toofon mein mujh ko chod kar woh log chal diye,
Sahil pe they jo sath mein patwar ki tarah.
Chehre pe hadsoo ne likheen woh ibaratein.
Padhane laga har koi mujhe akhbar ke tarah.
Dushman bhi hoo gaye hain maseeha sifat Jamal
Milte hain toot kar woh gale yaar ki tarah.

                                                 All Railway Station Codes
CityStation CodeCityStation CodeCityStation CodeCityStation Code ABU ROAD ABR ACHHNERA AH ADONI AD ADRA ADRA AGRA FORT AF AGRA CANTT. AGC AHMADNAGAR ANG AHMEDABAD ADI AJMER AII AKOLA AK ALIGARH ALJN ALIPURDUAR Jn. APDJ ALLAHABAD ALD ALAPPUZHA ALLP ALNAWAR Jn. LWR ALWAR AWR ALUVA AWY AMALNER AN AMBALA CANTT. UMB AMLA AMLA AMRITSAR ASR ANAKAPALLE AKP ANAND ANND ANAND NAGAR ANDN ANANTAPUR ATP ANGUL ANGL ANNAVARAM ANV ANUPPUR APR ARA ARA ARAKKONAM AJJ ARSIKERE ASK ASANSOL ASN AUNRIHAR ARJ AURANGABAD AWB AYODHYA AY AZAMGARH AMH AZIMGANJ Jn. AZ BADARPUR BPB BADNERA Jn. BD BAGAHA BUG BAGALKOT BGK BAGHPAT ROAD BPM BAIDYANATHDHAM BDME BAKTHIYARPUR BKP BALAGHAT Jn. BTC BALASORE BLS BALHARSHAH BPQ BALLIA BUI BANARHAT BNQ BANDA Jn. BNDA BANDEL Jn. BDC BANDIKUI Jn. BKI BANDRA TERMINUS BDTS BANGALORE CITY SBC BANGALORE CANTT. BNC BANGARAPET BWT BANKURA BQK BANMANKHI BNKI BAPATLA BPP BARABANKI Jn. BBK BARAUNI Jn. BJU BARAUT BTU BARABIL BBL BARDDHAMAN Jn. BWN BAREILLY BE BARGARH ROAD BRGA BARHNI BNY BARKAKANA BRKA BARMER BME BAROG BOF BARSOI BOE BARWADIH BRWD BASTI BST BATHINDA Jn. BTI BAYANA BXN BEAS BEAS BELAPUR BAP BELGAUM BGM BELLARY Jn. BAY BETTIAH BTH BETUL BZU BHADOHI BOY BHADRAKH BHC BHAGALPUR BGP BHARATPUR BTE BHARUCH BH BHATAPARA BYT BHATKAL BTJL BHATNI BTT BHAVNAGAR (T) BVC BHILWARA BHL BHIMAVARAM Jn. BVRM BHIMAVARAM TOWN BVRT BHIND BIX BHIWANI BNW BHOJIPURA BPR BHOPAL BPL BHUBANESWAR BBS BHUJ BHUJ BHUSAVAL BSL BIJAPUR BJP BIJNOR BJO BIKANER BKN BILASPUR Jn. BSP BINA BINA BINNAGURI BNV BIRUR RRB BITRAGUNTA BTTR BOBBILI VBL BOKARO STEEL CITY BKSC BOLPURSHANTINIKETAN BHP BORIVALI BVI BOTAD BTD BRAHMAPURI BMP BUDAUN BEM BURHANPUR BAU BURHWAL BUW BUXAR BXR CANACONA CNO CHAKIA CAA CHAKKI BANK CHKB CHAKRADHARPUR CKP CHALISGAON CSN CHALSA CLD CHAMPA CPH CHANDAUSI CH CHANDIGARH CDG CHANDIL CNI CHANDRAPUR CD CHANDRAPURA CRP CHAPARMUKH CPK CHATRAPATI SAHU CSMT MAHARAJ (T) CHENGALPATTU Jn. CGL CHENGANNUR CNGR CHENNAI CENTRAL MAS CHENNAI EGMORE MS CHHAPRA CPR CHIDAMBARAM CDM CHIKJAJUR JRU CHIPLUN CHI CHIRALA CLX CHITRAKOOTDHAM KARVI CKTD CHITTARANJAN CRJ CHITTAURGARH COR CHITTOOR CTO CHOPAN CPU CHUNAR CAR CHURU CUR COIMBATORE Jn. CBE COONOOR ONR CUDDALORE PORT CUPJ CUDDAPAH HX CUTTACK CTC DADAR DR DAHANU ROAD DRD DAHOD DHD DALGAON DLO DALTONGANJ DTO DAMOH DMO DANAPUR DNR DARBHANGA DBG DAUND DD DAVANGERE DVG DEHRADUN DDN DEHRI-ON-SONE DOS DELHI DLI NEW DELHI NDLS DELHI CANTT. DEC DELHI SARAI ROHILLA DEE DELHI SHAHDARA DSA DEORIASADAR DEOS DEVLALI DVL DHAMANGAON DMN DHANBAD DHN DHARMABAD DAB DHARMAPURI DPJ DHARMAVARAM DMM DHARWAD DWR DHASA DAS DHAULPUR DHO DHOLA DLJ DHONE DNC DHRANGADHRA DHG DHURI DUI DIBRUGARH TOWN DBRT DILDARNAGAR DLN DIMAPUR DMV DINDIGUL Jn. DG DONGARGARH DGG DORNAKAL DKJ DUNGARPUR DNRP DURG DURG DURGAPUR DGR DWARKA DWK ELURU EE ERNAKULAM Jn. ERS ERNAKULAM TOWN ERN ERODE ED ETAWAH ETW FAIZABAD FD FARIDABAD FDB FARRUKHABAD FKD FATHEABAD CHAND FTD FATEHPUR FTP FATUHA FUT FAZILKA FKA FIROZABAD FZD FIROZPUR CITY FZP FIROZPUR CANTT. FZR FORBESGANJ FBG FURKATING FKG GADAG GDG GAJRAULA GJL GANDHIDHAM GIM GANDHINAGAR GADJ GANGAPUR CITY GGC GARWA ROAD GHD GAYA GAYA GHATSILA GTS GHAZIABAD GZB GOALPARA TOWN GLPT GODHRA GDA GOLA GOKARANNATH GK GOMOH GMO GONDA GD GONDIA G GOOTY GY GORAKHPUR GKP GOSSAINGAON HAT GOGH GUDIVADA GDV GUDUR GDR GULBARGA GR GUNA GUNA GUNTAKAL GTL GUNTUR GNT GURUVAYUR GUV GUWAHATI GHY GWALIOR GWL GYANPUR ROAD GYN HABIBGANJ HBJ HAJIPUR HJP HALDIA HLZ HALDIBARI HDB HAMILTONGANJ HOJ HANUMANGARH HMH HAPA HAPA HAPUR HPU HARDA HD HARIDWAR HW HARIHAR HRR HARPALPUR HPP HASIMARA HSA HATIA HTE HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN NZM HILSA HIL HIMMAT NAGAR HMT HINDUPUR HUP HINGOLI HNL HISAR HSR HOSHANGABAD HBD HOSPET HPT HOSUR HSRA HOWBADH HBG HOWRAH HWH HUBLI UBL HYDERABAD HYB IGATPURI IGP INDARA IAA INDORE INDB ISLAMPUR IPR ITARSI ET JABALPUR JBP JAIPUR JP JAISALMER JSM JAJPUR KEONJHAR ROAD JJKR JAKHAL JHL JALAMB JM JALANDHAR CANTT. JRC JALANDHAR CITY JUC JALGAON JL JALNA J JALPAIGURI JPG JAMALPUR JMP JAMMU TAWI JAT JAMNAGAR JAM JANGHAI JNH JASIDIH JSME JAUNPUR Jn. JNU JAYNAGAR JYG JETALSAR JLR JHAJHA JAJ JHANSI JHS JHARGRAM JGM JHARSUGUDA JSG JIND JIND JODHPUR JU JOGBANI JBN JOLARPETTAI JTJ JORHAT JT JUNAGARH Jn. JND KACHEGUDA KCG KAKINADA PORT COA KALCHINI KCF KALKA KLK KALOL KLL KALYAN KYN KAMAKHYA KYQ KANCHIPURAM CJ KANDHLA KQL KANKANADI KNKD KANNIYAKUMARI CAPE KANNUR CAN KANPUR CENTRAL CNB KANPUR ANWARGANJ CPA KAPTANGANJ CPJ KARAIKKUDI JN. KKDI KARNAL KUN KARUR KRR KARWAR KAWR KASARGOD KGQ KASGANJ KSJ KATHGODAM KGM KATIHAR KIR KATNI KTE KATPADI KPD KATWA KWAE KAZIPET KZJ KHAGARIA KGG KHALILABAD KLD KHAMMAM KMT KHANDWA KNW KHARAGPUR KGP KHEKRA KEX KHURDA ROAD KUR KISHANGANJ KNE KISHANGARH KSG KIUL KIUL KOCHUVELI KCVL KODAIKANAL ROAD KQN KOPERGAON KPG KORAPUT KRPU KORBA KRBA KOTA KOTA KOTDWARA KTW KOT KAPURA KKP KOTTAYAM KTYM KOZHIKKODE CLT KRISHNANAGAR CITY KNJ KRISHNARAJAPURAM KJM KUMBAKONAM KMU KUNDAPURA KUDA KURDUWADI KWV KURNOOL TOWN KRNT KURUKSHETRA KKDE LAKHIMPUR LMP LAKSAR LRJ LALGARH LGH LALGOLA LGL LALITPUR LAR LALKUAN JN. LKU LATUR LUR LEDO LEDO LOHARU LHU LOKMANYA TILAK (T) LTT LONAVLA LNL LONDA LD LOWER HALFLONG LFG LUCKNOW LJN/LKO LUDHIANA LDH LUMDING LMG LUNI LUNI MACHILIPATNAM MTM MADARIHAT MDT MADDUR MAD MADGAON (GOA) MAO MADHUBANI MBI MADHUPUR MDP MADURAI Jn. MDU MAHBUBNAGAR MBNR MAHESANA MSH MAHOBA MBA MAILANI MLN MAKSI MKC MALDA TOWN MLDT MANAMADURAI MNM MANDUADIH MUV MANGALORE MAQ MANIKPUR MKP MANKAPUR MUR MANMAD MMR MANSI MNE MARIANI MXN MARWAR Jn. MJ MATHURA MTJ MAU MAU MAYILADUTURAI Jn. MV MEERUT CITY MTC MERTA ROAD MTD METTUPALAIYAM MTP MHOW MHOW MIDNAPORE MDN MIRAJ MRJ MIRYALAGUDA MRGA MIRZAPUR MZP MOKAMA MKA MORADABAD MB MOTIHARI MKI MUDKHED MUE MUGHALSARAI MGS MUMBAI CENTRAL BCT MUMBAI CST CSTM MURI MURI MURKEONGSELEK MZS MURTAJAPUR MZR MUZAFFAR NAGAR MOZ MUZAFFARPUR MFP MYSORE MYS NADIAD ND NADIKUDE NDKD NAGARSOL NSL NAGBHIR NAB NAGDA NAD NAGERCOIL Jn. NCJ NAGORE NCR NAGPUR NGP NAINPUR NIR SAMBALPUR SBP SAMUKTALA ROAD AMTA SANGLI SLI SARNATH SRNT SATARA STR SATNA STA SATTENAPALLE SAP SAWAIMADHOPUR SWM SAWANTWADI ROAD SWV SEALDAH SDAH SECUNDERABAD SC SENGOTTAI SCT SEWAGRAM SEGM SHAHABAD SDB SHAHGANJ SHG SHAHJAHANPUR SXK SHAHPUR PATOREE SPP SHAKTINAGAR SKTN SHALIMAR SHM SHAMGARH SGZ SHAMLI SMQL SHIKOHABAD SKB SHIMLA SML SHIMOGA TOWN SMET SHIVPURI SVPI SHORANUR JN. SRR SHRI MAHABIRJI SMBJ SIHOR GUJARAT SOJN SIKAR SIKR SILCHAR SCL SILIGURI SGUJ SIMALUGURI SLGR SINGRAULI SGRL SIRPUR KAGAZNAGAR SKZR SIRSA SSA SISWA BAZAR SBZ SITAMARHI SMI SITAPUR CITY SPC SITAPUR CANTT. SCC SIURI SURI SIWAN SV SOJAT ROAD SOD SOLAN SOL SOLAPUR SUR SONPUR SEE SRIGANGA NAGAR SGNR SRIKAKULAM ROAD CHE SRI SATYASAI PRASHANTI NILAYAM SSPN SULTANPUR SLN SURAT ST SURATGARH SOG NAJIBABAD NBD NALANDA NLD NALGONDA NLDA NANDALUR NRE NANDED NED NANDGAON NGN NANDURBAR NDB NANDYAL NDL NANGAL DAM NLDM NARKATIAGANJ NKE NARASAPUR NS NARWANA NRW NASIK ROAD NK NAUGARH NUH NELLORE NLR NEW ALIPURDUAR NOQ NEW BONGAIGAON NBQ NEW COOCHBEHAR NCB NEW DELHI NDLS NEW FARAKKA NFK NEW JALPAIGURI NJP NEWMAL Jn. NMZ NEW TINSUKIA NTSK NIDADAVOLU NDD NIDUBROLU NDO NIMACH NMH NIZAMABAD NZB NOLI NOLI NORTH LAKHIMPUR NLP OKHA OKHA ONGOLE OGL ORAI ORAI PACHORA PC PALANI PLNI PALANPUR PNU PALASA PSA PALAKKAD PGT PALAKKAD TOWN PGTN PALIAKALAN PLK PANIPAT PNP PARASNATH PNME PANVEL PNVL PARBHANI PBN PATHANKOT PTK PATIALA PTA PATNA PNBE PATNA SAHIB PNC PHAPHAMAU PFM PHULERA FL PILIBHIT PBE PIPARIYA PPI PODANUR PTJ PORBANDAR PBR PRATAPGARH PBH PUDUCHERRY PDY PUDUKOTTAI PDKT PULGAON PLO PUNE Jn. PUNE PURANPUR PP PURI PURI PURNA PAU PURNIA PRNA PURULIA PRR KOLLAM QLN RAE BARELI RBL RAICHUR RC RAIGARH RIG RAIPUR R RAJAHMUNDRY RJY RAJA-KA-SAHASPUR RJK RAJA-KI-MANDI RKM RAJENDRANAGAR RJQ RAJGIR RGD RAJKOT RJT RAJNANDGAON RJN RAJPURA RPJ RAMAGUNDAM RDM RAMANATHAPURAM RMD RAMESWARAM RMM RAMNAGAR RMR RAMPUR JN. RMU RAMPURHAT RPH RANAGHAT RHA RANCHI RNC RANGAPARA NORTH RPAN RANGIYA RNY RANINAGAR ROJ RATANGARH RTGH RATLAM RTM RATNAGIRI RN RAWATGANJ RJ RAXAUL RXL RAYAGADA RGDA RENIGUNTA RU REWA REWA REWARI RE RINGUS RGS ROHTAK ROK ROORKEE RK ROURKELA ROU SADULPUR SDLP SAGAR JAMBAGARU SRF SAGAULI SGL SAHARANPUR SRE SAHARSA SHC SAHIBGANJ SBG SALEM SA SALEMPUR SRU SAMAKHIYALI SIOB SAMALKOT SLO SAMASTIPUR SPJ SURATHKAL SL SURENDRA NAGAR SUNR TADEPALLIGUDEM TDD TALCHER TLHR TAMBARAM TBM TATANAGAR TATA THALASSERY TLY TENALI TEL TENKASI TSI TEZPUR TZTB THANJAVUR Jn. TJ THIRUVARUR. TVR TIRUCHCHIRAPPALLI Jn. TPJ TIRUNELVELI Jn. TEN TIRUPATI TPTY TIRUR TIR TITLAGARH TIG THRISUR TCR THIRUVANANTHAPURAM TVC TUMSAR ROAD TMR TUNDLA TDL TUNI TUNI TUTICORIN TN UDAIPUR CITY UDZ UDHAMPUR UHP UDHNA UDN UDUPI UD UJJAIN UJN UNA UNA UNCHAHAR UCR UNNAO ON VADAKARA BDJ VADODARA BRC VALSAD BL VANCHI MANIYACHCHI Jn. MEJ VARANASI BSB VARKALA VAK VASAI ROAD BSR VASCO-DA-GAMA VSG VERAVAL VRL VIDISHA BHS VIJAYAWADA BZA VILLUPURAM Jn. VM VIRAMGAM VG VIRUDHUNAGAR VPT VISAKHAPATNAM VSKP VIZIANAGARAM VZM VRIDDHACHALAM Jn. VRI WADI WADI WANKANER WKR WARANGAL WL WARDHA Jn. WR YESVANTPUR YPR ZAFARABAD ZBD Angar AAG Ankaikila AAK Amlai AAL Angadippuram AAM Adesar AAR Asranada AAS Aralvaymozhi AAY Ambur AB Abada ABB Ambli Road ABD Ambarifalakata ABFC Ambarnath ABH Ambaturai ABI Ambikakalna ABKA Ambikapur ABKP Ambale ABLE Akbarpur ABP Abohar ABS Adgaonbuzurg ABZ Achalganj ACH Acharapakkam ACK Ancheli ACL Azimganj City ACLE Adhichchanur ACN Andevnagar ACND Adilabad ADB Adas Road ADD Adari Road ADE Andheri ADH Mandiadampur ADR Aduturai ADT Adhartal ADTL Adavali ADVI Amreli AE Aulenda AED Ateli AEL Amrelipara AEP Angamali AFK Asafpur AFR Raigir AG Agra City AGA Agas AGAS Ambagaon AGB Agasod AGD Amguri AGI Amgaon AGN Amargarh AGR Agartala AGTL Agorikhas AGY Amagura AGZ Abhaipur AHA Ahmadgarh AHH Ahalyapur AHLR Ahiran AHN Adarshnagar AHO Adipur AI Algawan AIG Alindra Road AIR Ait AIT Ajgain AJ Anjar AJE Ajhai AJH Anjhishahabad AJI Ajit AJIT Ajitwal AJL Ajnod AJN Ajni AJNI Ajjampur AJP Ajaibpur AJR Akodia AKD Akanapet AKE Akbarganj AKJ Akbarnagar AKN Akalkot Road AKOR Akot AKOT Akolner AKR Akurdi AKRD Akaltara AKT Angalakuduru AKU Ankleshwar Jn. AKV Akividu AKVD Akividu AKVX Akora AKW Attili AL Alai ALAI Aliabada ALB Aler ALER Alakkudi ALK Alamanda ALM Alandi ALN Alniya ALNI Ariyalur ALU Alwal ALW Allahabad City ALY Ambodala AMB Ambikarohina AMBR Amritapura AMC Amethi AME Alamnagar AMG Amravati AMI Amin AMIN Amalsad AML Amli AMLI Atirampattinam AMM Ammanur AMNR Ahmadpur Jn. AMP Ambalapuzha AMPA Ammuguda AMQ Amroha AMRO Amausi AMS Ammasandra AMSA Ammapet AMT Amanvadi AMW Amla Khurd AMX Akathumuri AMY Aslana ANA Anas ANAS Ammanabrolu ANB Andampaliam AND Ankorahakorha ANH Ajanti ANI Ankai ANK Ankola ANKL Arangmahanadi ANMD Anjani ANO Anandtandavpur ANP Anpara ANPR Anara ANR Anandpursahib ANSB Antu ANTU Anand Vihar ANVR Aonla AO Ashokapuram AP Amarpura APA Alipurduar APD Anupgarh APH Aruppukkottai APK Appikatla APL Aditpara APQ Anaparti APT Apta APTA Ashapuragomat AQG Arunachal ARCL Amarda Road ARD Arnetha ARE Arigada ARGD Arakku ARK Arand ARN Atrampur ARP Arariya Court ARQ Arariya ARR Arni Road ARV Arvi ARVI Ahraura Road ARW Arjansar AS Asifabad Road ASAF Ambasamudram ASD Aishbagh Jn. ASH Ashoknagar ASKN Aslaoda ASL Aslu ASLU Asangaon ASO Asaoti AST Asarva Jn. ASV Asnoti AT Ata ATA Alattambadi ATB Atarra ATE Antah ATH Athmalgola ATL Aithal ATMO Arantangi ATQ Attar ATR Atru ATRU Attabira ATS Atari ATT Atul ATUL Aluabari Road AUB Anugrahan Road AUBR Atrauli Road AUR Anupshahr AUS Auwa AUWA Avadi AVD Aravankadu AVK Amritvel AVL Aravalli AVLI Aravali Road AVRD Auvaneswsarem AVS Alawalpur AWL Aghwanpur AWP Aswani Halt AWS Alluru Road AXR Ayandur AYD Adiyakkamungalm AYM Aiyanapuram AYN Aryankavu AYV Ayyampet AZP Azamnagar Road AZR Bandra BA Babina BAB Bhader BADR Baliakheri BAE Bhagega BAGA Bhabhar BAH Bajana BAJN Banka BAKA Bakal BAKL Budalur BAL Bale BALE Baitalpur BALR Balugan BALU Berhampur BAM Birambad BAMA Bani BANI Bano BANO Banmor BAO Ganjbasoda BAQ Bar BAR Barh BARH Baral BARL Batala Jn. BAT Baihatola BATL Baruva BAV Balwara BAWA Baran BAZ Bombay VT [former] BB Babrala BBA Bhadbhunja BBAI Babarpur BBDE Baruabamungaon BBGN Barabhum BBM Baribrahman BBMN Babugarh BBO Balabhadrapuram BBPM Bagbazar BBR Barbatpur BBTR Bhabua Road BBU Bodarwar BBW Bareilly City BC Bachwara Jn. BCA Bansdih Road BCD Berchha BCH Bacheli BCHL Balichak BCK Bombay Central (Local) BCL Bachhrawan BCN Bhachau BCO Bhachaubg BCOB Bichpuri BCP Barachak BCQ Barchi Road BCRD Bhuchchu BCU Varanasi City BCY Vrindavan BDB Bhadrachalam Road BDCR Badodar BDDR Bodeli BDE Bhedia BDH Badhada BDHA Badhal BDHL Bodhan BDHN Budhi BDHY Bhadli BDI Vindhyachal BDL Badami BDM Bhodwalmajri BDMJ Bhadan BDN Bodinayakkanur BDNK Bidanpur BDNP Byadarahalli BDRL Badnapur BDU Bhadravati BDVT Bandanwara BDW Badhwabara BDWA Bodwad BDWD Biradhwal BDWL Badearapur BDXX Buddireddippati BDY Badkulla BDZ Bihiya BEA Beldanga BEB Bhupdeopur BEF Behtagokul BEG Bagdihi BEH Beohari BEHR Biharsharif BEHS Bundki BEK Birohe BEO Bheerpur BEP Belur BEQ Beawar BER Bero BERO Bareth BET Betavad BEW Bcementnagar BEY Borhat BFD Bhorasbudrukh BFJ Bhalui BFM Bhabta BFT Bhesana BFY Bhongir BG Bagalia BGA Balagarh BGAE Bagbahra BGBR Bantarnathgarh BGG Baghauli BGH Borraguhallu BGHU Bhagat Ki Kothi BGKT Bagumra BGMR Borgaon BGN Bhagwanpura BGPR Bhongaon BGQ Baghnapara BGRA Begusarai BGS Bisugirsharif BGSF Bagratawa BGTA Bhagtanwala BGTN Bairagnia BGU Bhigwan BGVN Begdewadi BGW Bagewadi BGWD Bagrisajjanpur BGX Bahadurgarh BGZ Badli BHD Bhestan BHET Bhatonkigali BHG Baheri BHI Bheja BHJA Bhurkunda BHKD Behula BHLA Bhalki BHLK Bhulanpur BHLP Bhandaridah BHME Bhone BHNE Bhansi BHNS Bhattu BHT Bhatiya BHTA Bhanwartonk BHTK Bhatel BHTL Bhitoni BHTN Bhatparrani BHTR Bhandumotidau BHU Bhua BHUA Bhoma BHV Barharwa Jn. BHW Bechhiwara BHWA Bhayavadar BHY Bihara BHZ Bhilai BIA Bichia BIC Bidadi BID Bidar BIDR Belgahna BIG Bairagarh BIH Birnagar BIJ Bijoor BIJR Bildi BILD Bilkha BILK Bilimora Jn. BIM Bhimal BIML Bordi BIO Bahilpurwa BIP Bheempura BIPR Bansipaharpur BIQ Bir BIR Bhiwandi Road BIRD Bishengarh BISH Bidupur BIU Bisalwaskalan BIWK Bardoli BIY Bahjoi BJ Bijrotha BJA Barejadi BJD Bhojudih Jn. BJE Bijni BJF Bijauli BJI Bijora BJK Bhagavathipuram BJM Barajamda BJMD Baijnath Mandir Halt BJMR Bejnal BJN Bijainagar BJNR Baijnath Paprola BJPL Baghora BJQ Bijuri BJRI Bajva BJW Bakra Road BK Barkhera BKA Bhikamkor BKC Bhankoda BKD Bankhedi BKH Bakhri BKHR Barkur BKJ Bonakalu BKL Bakudi BKLE Bhaktinagar BKNG Bindki Road BKO Bhaluka Road BKRD Bokarothermal BKRO Baikunth BKTH Bhiknur BKU Barlai BLAX Bolda BLC Bhilad BLD Bhildi BLDI Balaudatakun BLDK Bilharghat BLG Balangir BLGR Balurghat BLGT Belakoba BLK Bantanahal BLL Balli BLLI Balamu Jn. BLM Bhalumaska BLMK Bhalukmara BLMR Bolinnadoaba BLND Bhalwani BLNI Bhulon BLO Bilaspur Road BLOR Balrampur BLP Badulipar BLPR Bilpur BLPU Bala Road BLRD Belsiri BLRE Bolsa BLSA Balsamand BLSD Belsonda BLSN Balotra Jn. BLT Belthara Road BLTR Bilhaur BLU Balawali BLW Balawala BLWL Bolai BLX Bally BLY Budhlada BLZ Bamra BMB Bhimalgondi BMC Bissamcuttack BMCK Bhimadolu BMD Basmat BMF Bhimgara BMGA Brahmanagudem BMGM Betamcherla BMH Bamanheri BMHR Bamnia BMI Birangkhera BMK Bhimkhoj BMKJ Bamla BMLL Bhimana BMN Bolarum BMO Brahmanpalli BMPL Badampahar BMPR Bhimarlai BMQ Bikrampur BMR Bamsin BMSN Bhimasar BMSR Begampet BMT Bamhrauli BMU Bamhani BMW Bibinagar BN Binaur BNAR Bangalore East BNCE Bondamunda BNDM Bohani BNE Barnagar BNG Bongaigaon BNGN Bhimnath BNH Bellenahalli BNHL Budni BNI Bevinahalu BNL Bansthaliniwai BNLW Baragaon BNM Barnala BNN Banar BNO Bhanapur BNP Banpimpla BNPP Bhagwanpur BNR Banas BNS Banbasa BNSA Bharthana BNT Bantawala BNTL Bandakpur BNU Bhanvad BNUD Bhaunra BNVD Bhiwani City BNWC Bidhannagar BNXR Badshahnagar BNZ Bobas BOBS Bangrod BOD Bhairongarh BOG Bainchi BOI Bhojo BOJ Bhoke BOKE Bhonra BON Boinda BONA Boisar BOR Baghdogra BORA Baorithikria BOTI Bhatgaon BOV Borawar BOW Bolarumbazar BOZ Barrackpore BP Belampalli BPA Berhamporecrt BPC Bahadurpur BPD Banapura BPF Belpahar BPH Bhilaipwrhs BPHB Bhugaon BPK Bhopalka BPKA Baripada BPO Barpeta Road BPRD Bhogpursirwal BPRS Banpas BPS Badampudi BPY Bazpur BPZ Bharathapuzha BPZA Bankura BQA Bhagwangola BQG Bommidi BQI Barelipur BQM Bagrinagar BQN Bighapur BQP Bakhleta BQQ Bhilainagar BQR Bhattiprolu BQU Bandhbareta BR Birsola BRA Barang BRAG Boribial BRB Bhandara Road BRD Bardhana Halt BRDH Bharwari BRE Bargarh BRG Baraigram Jn. BRGM Bheraghat BRGT Bargawan BRGW Baikunthpur Road BRH Brajrajnagar BRJN Bahraich BRK Braylachaurasi BRLA Biroliya BRLY Barabambo BRM Biramdih BRMD Bermo BRMO Birmitrapur BRMP Baramati BRMT Barhan BRN Boridand BRND Barpali BRPL Birapatti BRPT Barakar BRR Biyavrarajgarh BRRG Birsinghpur BRS Bhortex BRTK Bhairoganj BRU Borvihir BRVR Bareilly BRY Barhiya BRYA Bareta BRZ Banshbaria BSAE Banshlaibridge BSBR Bulandshahr BSC Baniyasandadh BSDA Bharsendi BSDL Bhusandpur BSDP Badshahpur BSE Basugaon BSGN Bhupalsagar BSJ Basikiratpur BSKR Bataspur BSLE Banasandra BSN Biaspind BSPD Bassipathanam BSPN Bishrampur BSPR Barsitakli BSQ Bansipur BSQP Besroli BSRL Bagevadi Road BSRX Bhemswadi BSWD Basar BSX Barsathi BSY Bharwasumerpur BSZ Barasat BT Bihta BTA Basharatganj BTG Bishnathganj BTJ Bankata BTK Bharatkund BTKD Bhatkal BTKL Bharatkup BTKP Bortalao BTL Bhitaura BTO Babatpur BTP Bethampurdi BTPD Bhatpur BTPR Butari BTR Banthra BTRA Basta BTS Baitarani Road BTV Barsi Town BTW Belatal BTX Bethuadahari BTY Baswa BU Baradwar BUA Bissau BUB Bhutakiabhimsa BUBR Badlapur BUD Bundi BUDI Badmal BUDM Burhar BUH Bhalulata BUL Bommasamudram BUM Bariarpur BUP Babupeth BUPH Bargi BUQ Burnpur BURN Badausa BUS Baytu BUT Bhandak BUX Babhnan BV Bauria Jn. BVA Bhadbhadaghat BVB Ballabgarh BVH Bikkavolu BVL Bayyavaram BVM Biswan BVN Bhavaninagar BVNR Bhavanagarpara BVP Bhilavdi BVQ Bhimavaram Town BVRX Bhivpuri Road BVS Balipara BVU Bedetti BVV Bhinwaliya BWA Bagwali BWB Banwali BWC Belvandi BWD Butewala BWF Bhadaura BWH Bilwai BWI Bawanikhera BWK Bawal BWL Bhawanimandi BWM Bhawanipurkaln BWP Barwasagar BWR Bharatwada BWRA Badwasi BWS Barwaha BWW Bangarapet BWY Balod BXA Barsuan BXF Bokajan BXJ Billi BXLL Belrayan BXM Barpathar BXP Brundamal BXQ Bordhal BXY Byculla BY Bellary Cant. BYC Byadgi BYD Baryaram BYHA Belha BYL Banahi BYN Byndoor BYNR Baijnathpur BYP Baiyyappanahali BYPL Bhayandar BYR Byree BYY Bazidajatan BZJT Bhaini Khurd BZK Bazarsau BZLE Bhimsen BZM Bagnan BZN Barsola BZO Bisra BZR Basai BZY Chandafort CAF Chhabragugor CAG Chanpatia CAI Chakrajmal CAJ Chamua CAMU Chatrapur CAP Chhansara CASA Coimbatore CBEE Coimbatorenrth CBF Charbhuja Road CBG Chaube CBH Clutterbuckganj CBJ Chachaurabngj CBK Cumbum CBM Chitbaragaon CBN Chikballapur CBP Chaibasa CBSA Charbatia CBT Cbabusamudram CBU Khambhat CBY Chaurichaura CC Chigicherla CCA Churchgate CCG Chinchvad CCH Chinnekuntapali CCI Kakinada Town CCT Chuda CDA Chandanchauki CDC Chandrakona Road CDGR Chakdaha CDH Chodiala CDL Chandlodiya CDLD Chandaulimjhwr CDMR Chandpara CDP Chadotar CDQ Chhandrauli CDRL Chandisar CDS Chandresal CDSL Chharodi CE Chebrol CEL Chiheru CEU Charghatpipari CGE Cholang CGH Chandragiri CGI Chirgaon CGN Chhidgaon CGO Chandannagar CGR Changanacheri CGY Chawapall CHA Chabua CHB Chaurebazar CHBR Chakarbhatha CHBT Chacher CHCR Chandia Road CHD Chaukhandi CHH Chirai CHII Chata CHJ Challakere CHKE Chola CHL Chavalkhede CHLK Chalthan CHM Chhina CHN Channani CHNN Chhapi CHP Chharra CHRA Chirmiri CHRM Chaneti CHTI Cochinhrbrtms CHTS Cochin CHTX Charvattur CHV Chhaprakacheri CI Chilbila Jn. CIL Chitali CIT Chajli CJL Chinnaganjam CJM Chhatna CJN Chamaraj CJR Charamulakusum CJS Chajawa CJW Chauthkabrwra CKB Charkhidadri CKD Chakdayala CKDL Chokisorath CKE Chalakudi CKI Chakarpur CKK Chikni Road CKNI Chakrod CKOD Chikodi Road CKR Chaksu CKS Chakulia CKU Chakur CKX Kurla Jn. CLA Lokmanyatilakt CLAT Chalala CLC Chandlodiya CLDY Chhulha CLF Kahalgaon CLG Chalgeri CLI Colonelganj CLJ Chilka CLKA Kollidam CLN Chilo CLO Castlerock CLR Chilakalapudi CLU Chiluvur CLVR Cinnamara CMA Chemancheri CMC Chimidipalli CMDP Chamarajapuram CMJ Chamarajanagar CMNR Chaumahla CMU Chimapahad CMW Chamagram CMX Chintamani CMY Chalama CMZ Chanderiya CNA Chinchli CNC Chandur CND Chandimandir CNDM Chandranathpur CNE Chianki CNF Chaunrah CNH Chandok CNK Chandawal CNL Chainpur CNPR Chandar CNR Chuchura CNS Contai Road CNT Kolanalli CNY Kakinada Port COAX Coochbehar COB Chhotagudha COD Chitrod COE Chomunsamod COM Chhotiodai COO Cuddalore Jn. COT Kanpurbgelbk CPB Chinchpada CPD Chhipadohar CPDR Chandiposi CPE Chakarlapalli CPL Chinpal CPLE Champanerrd Jn. CPN Chipurupalle CPP Chandsiau CPS Channapatna CPT Charkhari Road CRC Chaurakheri CRKR Choral CRL Charegaon CRN Chautara CROA Karagola Road CRR Charaud CRW Chirawa CRWA Chirayinkil CRY Chausa CSA Channasandra CSDR Chosla CSL Cansaulim CSM Cossimbazar CSZ Chittapur CT Chitradurg CTA Chhitauni CTE Chitgidda CTF Chikalthan CTH Chitahra CTHR Chotikhatu CTKT Chital CTL Chettinad CTND Chetar CTQ Chatra CTR Chitrawad CTRD Chattriput CTS Chitrasani CTT Chintaparti CTY Chityala CTYL Chagallu CU Tiruppappuliyur CUD Churk CUK Chuli CUL Chaura CUX Cavalrybarrcks CVB Chavaj CVJ Kovilpatti CVP Chorvad Road CVR Chainwa CW Chhindwara Jn. CWA Chondi CWI Cheriyanad CYN Charni Road CYR Datia DAA Dhaban DABN Devargudda DAD Duroji DAJ Dakhineswar DAKE Daliganj DAL Dhamora DAM Dhaneta DAN Daghora DAO Dagmagpur DAP Dapodi DAPD Danwar DAR Dara DARA Dhari Jn. DARI Dagru DAU Devalgaonauchr DAV Dhanuvachapuram DAVM Delhi azadpur DAZ Dabhoi Jn. DB Dabra DBA Dhubri DBB Deoband DBD Devbalodachrda DBEC Dobhbahali DBHL Dablirathan DBI Dabka DBKA Dodbele DBL Dabla DBLA Dabolim DBM Dabhoda DBO Debipur DBP Dabhaura DBR Dodballapur DBU Dabilpur DBV Dubia DBW Digboi DBY Dhandhuka DCK Damalcheruvu DCU Duraundha Jn. DDA Dumdum Cant. DDC Dundi DDCE Dondaicha DDE Dumdum DDJ Dhindsa DDK Dhandarikalan DDL Damdim DDM Daudpur DDP Dadar[wr] DDR Dudhsagar DDS Dudwa DDW Dudwindi DDY Delhi MG DE Debagram DEB Dandeli DED Delang DEG Dehu Road DEHR Denduluru DEL Deorakot DELO Demu DEMU Diyodar DEOR Depalsar DEP Dadri DER Desari DES Devarayi DEV Dewalgaon DEW Deogan Road DFR Dighwara DGA Durgadagate DGDG Digha Flag Station DGHA Dungri DGI Dungar Jn. DGJ Dhulianganga DGLE Dongargaon DGN Dhenglippgoan DGPP Dugdol DGQ Dagori DGS Dhulghat DGT Digaru DGU Dheena DHA Dhule DHI Dhinoj DHJ Dhodakhedi DHKR Dadhalinam DHM Dholamazra DHMZ Dhinda DHND Dhanala DHNL Dichpalli DHP Dappar DHPR Dharnaoda DHR Dhirganj DHRJ Dhirera DHRR Dhavalas DHS Dhubulia DHU Dhanawalawada DHVR Dhariwal DHW Dombivili DI Didwana DIA Dibai DIB Dahisar DIC Duggirala DIG Dharuadihi DIH Dilawarnagar DIL Ding DING Divinenagar DINR Dipa DIPA Dinagaon DIQ Dhanapurorissa DIR Disa DISA Dohrighat DIT Diva DIVA Dhilwan DIW Darjeeling DJ Duliajan DJG Dhoraji DJI Daijar DJJ Dolajikakhera DJKR Dakor DK Dankuni DKAE Daharkabalaji DKBJ Donakonda DKD Dankaur DKDE Dhekiajili Road DKJR Doikallu DKLU Dakaniyatalav DKNT Devakottai Road DKO Dekapam DKPM Darekasa DKS Dhulkot DKT Dhanakwada DKW Dokwa DKWA Dudhwakhara DKX Delhi Kishanganj DKZ Daladi DL Daulatabad DLB Dalmera DLC Dalauda DLD Dhalgaon DLGN Dalkolha DLK Dhelana DLNA Dalpatpur DLP Dayalpur DLPR Dalelnagar DLQ Dullahapur DLR Dilwa DLW Dimow DM Damodar Jn. DMA Dumribihar DMBR Dhemaji DMC Damnagar DME Domingarh DMG Daurammadhpura DMH Dilmili DMK Dumurdaha DMLE Dharmpurhmchl DMP Dharampur DMPR Dharmanagar DMR Diguvametta DMT Dalmau Jn. DMW Dhanari DN Degana Jn. DNA Dandupur DND Dhondi DNDI Dhamni DNE Danea DNEA Dhindhorahkmkd DNHK Dhanakya DNK Dhenkanal DNKL Dhanoli DNL Dhanmandal DNM Dinanagar DNN Dhandhera DNRA Dhanauri DNRE Dantan DNT Donkinavalasa DNV Dangarwa DNW Dhanori DNZ Dausa DO Doraha DOA Dundlodmkdgrh DOB Dhodhar DOD Deori DOE Donigal DOG Dhodramohar DOH Devgarhmadriya DOHM Dholka DOK Dholi DOL Dundara DOR Daurai DOZ Durgapura DPA Darliput DPC Dosapadu DPD Dabpal DPF Dadhapara DPH Danauliphlwria DPL Diplana DPLN Dhirpur DPP Dhampur DPR Diphu DPU Dadpur DPX Devpura DPZ Dhupguri DQG Dhalaibil DQL Dhanera DQN Debari DRB Daraganj DRGJ Dharhara DRH Derol DRL Daurala DRLA Daryaogonj DRO Dhareshwar DRS Dhurwasin DRSN Dasharathpur DRTP Kadur DRU Dharewada DRW Derowanp.h. DRWN Dallirajhara DRZ Dasna DS Sadarbazar DSB Dosvada DSD Delhi Safdarjang DSJ Duskheda DSK Deswal DSL Deshalpar DSLP Darasuram DSM Dausni DSNI Deshnok DSO Dalsinghsarai DSS Dhatrigram DTAE Ditokcherra DTC Detroj DTJ Darritola DTL Dhamtari DTR Dhutra DTV Dhaura DUA Dabtara DUB Dubaha DUBH Dudhani DUD Dubrajpur DUJ Duganpur DUN Desur DUR Dumraon DURE Dulrasar DUS Dusi DUSI Dumduma Town DUT Delvada DVA Duvvada DVD Devgam DVGM Doravartchtram DVR Devaliya DVY Dailwara DWA Dhekvad DWD Dewanganj DWG Dingwahi DWI Dwarkaganj DWJ Diwana DWNA Doiwala DWO Dwarapudi DWP Diwankhavati DWV Dewas DWX Dantewara DWZ Digod DXD Dharangaon DXG Duhai DXH Dhanakherli DXK Duddhinagar DXN Digsar DXR Dumariya DY Daryabad DYD Dudhia Khurd DYK Daryapur DYP Dasuya DZA Dahinazainabad DZB Durgachak Town DZKT Edduladoddi EDD Edamann EDN Ekchari EKC Ekambarakuppam EKM Ezhukone EKN Elamanur EL Elimala ELM Achalpur ELP Ekma EM Isand EN Ellenabad ENB Elphinston Road EPR Erich Road ERC Eraniel ERL Etah ETAH Ettumanur ETM Etmadpur ETUE Edavai EVA Falna FA Fatehnagar FAN Farrukhabad FBD Faridkot FDK Fatehgarh FGR Fatehgarhsahib FGSB Ferok FK Fakhrabad FKB Farakka FKK Fakiragram Jn. FKM Phulad FLD Falakata FLK Kcgfalaknuma FM Fatehpurskhwti FPS Farhedi FRD Fatehsinghpura FSP Fursatganj FTG Fatehpursikri FTS Faizullapur FYZ Fazalpur FZL Gudha GA Galan GAA Gevra Road GAD Gaipura GAE Gangaghat GAG Galgalia GAGA Ganeshganj GAJ Gajarabahara GAJB Gunadala GALA Gankar GALE Ganjam GAM Gogameri GAMI Gangaganj GANG Ghanauli GANL Gurpa GAP Gadarwara GAR Gavadaka GAV Gainjahwa GAW Gauribazar GB Garhbeta GBA Gubbi GBB Gauribidanur GBD Gayabari GBE Gulabpura GBP Gachhipura GCH Ghazipur City GCT Giddarbaha GDB Gadra Road GDD Garladinne GDE Godha GDHA Gudgeri GDI Gondal GDL Gudma GDM Gudupulli GDP Gpochampalli GDPL Gudaparti GDPT Gudivada Jn. GDVX Ghoksadanga GDX Ghoradongri GDYA Gundardehi GDZ Nagar GE Ghatera GEA Guledagudda Road GED Girgadhara GEG Geratpur GER Gandhigram GG Ghoga GGA Gangadhara GGAR Garhmuktesarbr GGB Gullaguda GGD Goshainganj GGJ Goraghuma GGM Gurgaon GGN Goramghat GGO Ghugus GGS Ghunghuti GGT Ghughuli GH Ghagghar GHG Ghagwal GHGL Garhiharsaru GHH Gursahaiganj GHJ Gadadharpur GHLE Gohana GHNA Ghantikhalndpr GHNH Garhwa GHQ Gidhaur GHR Ghum GHUM Garhara GHX Giddalur GID Gidni GII Gandhidhambg GIMB Ginigera GIN Goriyan GIO Gainsari Jn. GIR Gidam GIZ Gangajhari GJ Gujhandi GJD Gajjelakonda GJJ Ganjmuradabad GJMB Gangsarjaitu GJUT Ghatakavarana GKB Gorakhpur Cant. GKC Gadhakda GKD Guskara GKH Gokak Road GKK Gundalukamma GKM Ghaikalan GKX Gorakhpur City GKY Nagal GL Garla GLA Gulabhganj GLG Golaghat GLGT Gulaothi GLH Gollaprolu GLP Gullipadu GLU Gollapally GLY Goregaon GM Gumani GMAN Guramkhedi GMD Gumada GMDA Girimaidan GMDN Gamharia GMH Gumia GMIA Gumman GMM Gahmar GMR Garhmuktesar GMS Gauriyamau GMU Gurmura GMX Goneana GNA Gandhinagarcap GNC Govindgarhmalk GND Gauriganj GNG Gangadharpur GNGD Gangatolia GNGT Gangakher GNH Gunji GNJ Gangani GNNA Goregaon Road GNO Ghanpur GNP Gadiganuru GNR Ghonsor GNS Ganaur GNU Gangiwara GNW Ponmlaigldrck GOC Gidarpindi GOD Garot GOH Gevrai GOI Gokarna Road GOK Goilkera GOL Gole GOLE Gogamukh GOM Gotegaon GON Gopjam GOP Ghosipura GOPA Gopalganj GOPG Gotan GOTN Govindpuri GOV Govindnagar GOVR Govindpuri GOY Golsar GOZ Rajgangpur GP Guptipara GPAE Ghatprabha GPB Gummidipundi GPD Gauriphanta GPF Garpos GPH Gajapatinagaram GPI Gorapur GPJ Gopalpur GPPR Ghorpuri GPR Gulapalyamu GPU Gautampura Road GPX Gohpur GPZ Gurla GQL Gharaunda GRA Garhdhrubeswar GRB Garudubilli GRBL Giridih GRD Gambhiri Road GRF Guwarighat GRG Ghorasahan GRH Girhadmatiya GRHM Guriya GRI Goraul GRL Garhmau GRM Garhimanikpur GRMR Gurra GRO Gurliramgarhwa GRRG Guraru GRRU Ghorawadi GRWD Gaura GRX Goraya GRY Ghosunda GSD Ghosi GSI Ghaso GSO Gurdaspur GSP Gosalpur GSPR Gursarshnewala GSW Gandhismrak Road GSX Golanthra GTA Gothaj GTE Gumthal GTF Ghutai GTI Getorjagatpura GTJT Ghutku GTK Geritakolvada GTKD Gotlam GTLM Ghatampur GTM Gomtinagar GTNR Grant Road GTR Gomta GTT Ghatnandur GTU Gatora GTW Gothangam GTX Gularbhoj GUB Galudih GUD Guldhar GUH Guler GULR Gummanur GUM Guma GUMA Ganagapur Road GUR Gurhi GUX Gunerubamori GVB Gholvad GVD Govindgarh GVG Garividi GVI Gudlavalleru GVL Govindimarwar GVMR Godavari GVN Goresuar GVR Girwar GW Ganjdundwara GWA Gadwal GWD Gannavaram GWM Gaushala GWS Gowdavalli GWV Gudiyattam GYM Gulzarbagh GZH Gazulapalli GZL Gourmalda GZM Nghaziabad GZN Harwada HAA Harippad HAD Hindaun City HAN Hamirpur Road HAR Hassan HAS Hathuran HAT Hautley HAY Habibwala HBW Harchandpur HCP Harischandrpur HCR Hirnoda HDA Haddinagundu HDD Handiakhas HDK Hodal HDL Haidarnagar HDN Hadapsar HDP Haridaspur HDS Hardua HDU Haldwani HDW Himayatnagar HEM Her HER Haflonghill HFG Hafizpeta HFZ Hotgi HG Haidergarh HGH Hagari HGI Harduaganj HGJ Hemagiri HGR Hinganghat HGT Hooghly HGY Harinagar HIR Hojai HJI Hejjala HJL Hugrajuli HJLI Harangajao HJO Helak HK Hirakud HKG Haranyakheri HKH Harkiakhal HKL Hakimpur HKP Kiwarkhed HKR Holealur HLAR Haldi Road HLDD Haldaur HLDR Hilligrove HLG Holalkere HLK Halakatta HLKT Holenarsipur HLN Halisahar HLR Hadmatiya Jn. HM Hamirgarh HMG Hindumalkote HMK Helem HML Hanumangarh Town HMO Hempur HMP Hamarpur HMPR Hamira HMR Harmuti HMY Hathbandh HN Honnavar HNA Hendegir HNDR Hanakere HNK Hansi HNS Hol HOL Haripur HP Hasanpur Road HPO Hirapur HPR Harri HRB Harsud HRD Hirdagarh HRG Harthala HRH Hardoi HRI Hadmadiya HRM Harauni HRN Hiranagar HRNR Harpalganj HRPG Hathras Jn. HRS Harisinga HRSN Harnaut HRT Harrad HRV Harrawala HRW Hosdurga Road HSD Harsauli HSI Harishanker Road HSK Hisvahal HSL Husainpur HSQ Hoshiarpur HSX Hathras City HTC Hatundi HTD Hathigadh HTGR Hathras Road HTJ Hatkalangda HTK Hatikhali HTL Hatra Road HTT Hathidah Jn. HTZ Holambikalan HUK Halvad HVD Hamsavaram HVM Haveri HVR Hooghly Ghat HYG Hadyal HYL Haiaghat HYT Hazaribagh Road HZD Hafizpur HZR Ib IB Indrabil IBL Ichauli ICL Idar IDAR Indargarh IDG Idgahagra Jn. IDH Idalhond IDJ Indalvai IDL Indupalli IDP Indi Road IDR Inchhapuri IHP Irinjalakuda IJK Ikkar IKK Iklehra IKR Silsiman ILA Indore Jn. MG INDM Innanje INJ Indapur INP Idappalli IPL Ichchpuram IPM Ipurupalem IPPM Iqbalpur IQB Iqbalgadh IQG Iravipuram IRP Isarda ISA Isarwara ISH Ismailaharyana ISM Itola ITA Intiyathok ITE Itwari ITR Izzatnagar IZN Jaliya JA Jhalida JAA Yamunabdgagra JAB Jalsu JAC Jalsunanak JACN Jadar JADR Jais JAIS Jawali JAL Jaliyadevani JALD Jarangdih JAN Jaora JAO Jandrapeta JAQ Jari JARI Jarwa JAW Jambur JBB Jungbahadurgnj JBG Jgmblakshnprm JBK Jabli JBL Jabri JBX Jethachndan JCH Jadcherla JCL Junichavand JCN Jagdalpur JDB Jamjodhpur Jn. JDH Jharradih JDI Jagdevwala JDL Jagudan JDN Jogindrnagaroa JDNA Jogindernagar JDNX Jiwdhara JDR Jarudanaraa JDW Jenapur JEN Jeonathpur JEP Jaleswar JER Jaitsar JES Jeur JEUR Jagadishpur JGD Jgnthtmplgte JGE Jogidih JGF Jhagadiya Jn. JGI Jagesharganj JGJ Jagraon JGN Jaswantnagar JGR Jogiwala JGW Jakhaura JHA Jhar JHAR Jehanabad JHD Jhingura JHG Jhimri JHMR Jakhim JHN Jhalawar Road JHW Jigna JIA Jagi Road JID Jalila Road JIL Jira Road JIR Jirat JIT Jiaganj JJG Jhinjhak JJK Jhunjhunun JJN Jhanjharpur JJP Jejuri JJR Jakhvada JKA Jukehi JKE Jahanikhera JKH Jankampet Jn. JKM Jakhanian JKN Jakhapura JKPR Jaksi JKS Jarwal Road JLD Jalalganj JLL Jakhalaun JLN Jalesar Road JLS Jhamat JLT Jhalwara JLW Jhilmili JLY Jamdha JMD Jamga JMG Jamunamukh JMK Jamuniakalan JMKL Jawlmukhi Road JMKR Jamikunta JMKT Jimidipeta JMPT Jamirghata JMQ Jamsar JMS Jamtara JMT Jamui JMU Jambara JMV Jhund JN Julana JNA Junagadhcb JNDC Janiyana JNE Janakinagar JNKR Jandiala JNL Jayngrmajlipur JNM Junnordeo JNO Janakpur Road JNR Jinti Road JNTR Jenal JNZ Jojagabor JO Janwal JOA Asalpurjobner JOB Joba JOBA Joychandipahar JOC Jogimagra JOM Jonha JON Jaunpur City JOP Jorai JOQ Jalor JOR Jogeshwari JOS Jalalpurdhai JPD Jalpaiguri Road JPE Jhantipahari JPH Jhadupudi JPI Japla JPL Jiyapuram JPM Jogighopa JPZ Jaraikela JRA Jharia JRI Jargaon JRJ Jeruwakhera JRK Jangipur Road JRLE Jairamnagar JRMG Jiron JRO Jharokhas JRQ Joravasan JRS Jarti JRT Juriagaon JRX Jasai JSA Jaswantgarh JSH Jasali JSI Jataulasamphka JSKA Jayasingpur JSP Jasra JSR Jarandeshwar JSV Jagatbela JTB Jatinga JTG Jaithari JTI Jhapaterdhal JTL Jotana JTN Jutogh JTO Jetpur JTP Jatkanhar JTR Jath Road JTRD Jorhat Town JTTN Jaitipur JTU Jetalvad JTV Jaitwar JTW Jatpipli JTX Jagadhri JUD Jagadhriwshop JUDW Jaulka JUK Jhulasan JUL Jhunpa JUP Javale JVA Jamwala JVL Jorawarnagar Jn. JVN Jawaibandh JWB Jajiwal JWL Jawad Road JWO Jwalapur JWP Jonekarrang JYK Jaisamand Road JYM Jeypore JYP Khandala KAD Kadi KADI Kodaganur KAG Kalhar KAH Kallal KAL Kudal KALD Kalay KALE Kalana KALN Kamakhyaguri KAMG Khana Jn. KAN Kanil KANJ Kanoh KANO Kansiyanes KANS Kaluparaghat KAPG Kolanukonda KAQ Karna KAR Kiratpursahib KART Kanas Road KASR Kasu KASU Khatauli KAT Katili KATA Katol KATL Katariya KATR Kalamna KAV Kanwat KAWT Kurabalakota KBA Kurebhar KBE Khandbaara KBH Kambrganvi KBI Kantabanji KBJ Khamilghat KBK Koppal KBL Kotabommali KBM Karbigwan KBN Kabakaputtur KBPR Kumrabadrohini KBQ Kabrai KBR Kanjariboriyav KBRV Khoirabari KBY Kuchman KCA Krishnacanal KCC Kurichedu KCD Kasimkota Halt KCH Kallkiri KCI Kasimpur KCJ Keckhi KCKI Kalasumudram KCM Karchana KCN Kachnara Road KCNR Kalgupur KCP Kundarkhi KD Khedbrahma KDBM Sanvardamcrchm KDCR Koradacheri KDE Khundaur KDF Kedgaon KDG Karchha KDHA Kundli KDI Kankroli KDL Kundalgarh KDLG Kandlaport KDLP Kandel Road KDLR Kesamudram KDM Kodiyarmandir KDMR Kudatini KDN Kadaynallur KDNL Kondapuram KDP Kumedpur KDPR Kadipur KDQ Khadarpett KDT Kirodimalnagar KDTR Kadambur KDU Kandaghat KDZ Katra KEA Karambeli KEB Kenduapada KED Krishnamakona KEF Karengi KEG Kapseti KEH Kashi KEI Kathleeghat KEJ Karkheli KEK Kem KEM Kukma KEMA Kotala KEN Koiripur KEPR Kirihrapur KER Kesrisinghpur KESR Koparia KFA Karanjadi KFD Kolda KFF Kappil KFI Kukrakhapa KFP Kafurpur KFPR Kajri KFT Kohand KFU Khaga KGA Kargi Road KGB Kalligudi KGD Katangi KGE Kathghar KGF Kengeri KGI Kupgal KGL Khagraghat Road KGLE Kangramandir KGMR Kurseong KGN Kangra KGRA Khongsara KGS Kauriyalaghath KGT Kariganuru KGW Kanginhal KGX Karunguzhi KGZ Kahiliya KH Khat KHAT Khannabanjari KHBJ Khorana KHC Khinchan KHCN Khodiyar KHD Kankather KHE Khed KHED Kichha KHH Khajraha KHJ Kherakalan KHKN Kusmhi KHM Khatima KHMA Khanyan KHN Kundaharnamgnj KHNM Khopoli KHPI Khalipali KHPL Kharik KHQ Khar Road KHR Kumbhraj KHRJ Kharak KHRK Khareshwar Road KHRS Kharsia KHS Srikalahasti KHT Khatgaon KHTG Khatu KHTU Khurhand KHU Khakhrechibg KHXB Khairar Jn. KID Karaikal KIK Kurwaikethora KIKA Kandivali KILE Kim KIM Kapasan KIN Khalilpur KIP Kapilas Road KIS Khallikot KIT Kita KITA Kaialsa KIV Kajgaon KJ Khajurhat KJA Karajgi KJG Kajra KJH Khajauli KJI Kodavaluru KJJ Kajoragram KJME Kannauj KJN Krishnarajasgra KJS Karjat KJT Kuntighat KJU Khijadiya Jn. KJV Khajwana KJW Khurja City KJY Karonji KJZ Khadki KK Kankaha KKAH Karakbel KKB Kalkund KKD Kekatumar KKG Kakirigumma KKGM Karkeli KKI Kakori KKJ Khakharia KKK Kaikolur KKLR Kaklur KKLU Kaikolur KKLX Kamalapuram KKM Khirkiya KKN Khunkhuna KKNA Kallakkudiplgh KKPM Kokpara KKPR Kikakui Road KKRD Kaikoram KKRM Kunkavav Jn. KKV Kankavali KKW Kottarakara KKZ Kheril KL Kulwa KLA Kulpahar KLAR Kiraoli KLB Kalambha KLBA Kalunga KLG Kollengode KLGD Khemli KLH Kamalganj KLJ Kalamboli KLMG Kalanaurkalan KLNK Kalinarynpur Jn. KLNP Kelod KLOD Kotalpukur KLP Kailasapuram KLPM Kilikollur KLQ Khalari KLRE Kulitalai KLT Kalmitar KLTR Kalluru KLU Kelva Road KLV Kolakalur KLX Khileriyan KLYN Keolari KLZ Khamargachhi KMAE Kamathe KMAH Kadambankulam KMBK Khambhaliya KMBL Kamareddi KMC Kodumudi KMD Karimuddinpur KMDR Kumhari KMI Kaimganj KMJ Komakhan KMK Kamtaul KML Kamli KMLI Kamalur KMLR Kannamangalam KMM Kumardubi KMME Khamgaon KMN Kuchaman City KMNC Kumendi KMND Kamalnagar KMNR Kumbla KMQ Kumarganj KMRJ Karamnasa KMS Kumarsadra KMSD Kamshet KMST Kumarhatti KMTI Karmad KMV Komatipalli KMX Kamudakkudi KMY Kadalundi KN Kandra KND Kandrori KNDI Khandip KNDP Kanhegaon KNGN Kanthan Jn. KNHN Kanalas Jn. KNLS Khanna KNN Khinaniyan KNNA Kaninakhas KNNK Kundgol KNO Khanapur KNP Kandanurpvaya KNPL Kendrapara Road KNPR Kanhargaonnaka KNRG Kuneru KNRT Kanasar KNSR Kanth KNT Kinwat KNVT Kosgi KO Karonda KOA Kodi KODI Marwarkori KOF Kohir Deccan KOHR Khodri KOI Kokrajhar KOJ Koka KOKA Kolad KOL Kolnur KOLR Kodikkalpalaiym KOM Kisoni KONY Khusropur KOO Kolhapur KOP Kuthur KOQ Koti KOTI Koduru KOU Kirloskarvadi KOV Kamptee KP Kanchrapara KPA Kharpokhra KPB Kapurdha Halt KPDH Kauwapur KPE Kalpi KPI Kalipahari KPK Khaprikheda KPKD Kantakapalle KPL Kopai KPLE Kottapndlpalli KPLL Kumarapuram KPM Kuppam KPN Kapan KPNA Kalapipal KPP Kannapuram KPQ Kalyanpur Road KPRD Kotapar Road KPRR Kambarasampetai KPT Keshoraipatan KPTN Kashipur KPV Karunagapalli KPY Kapren KPZ Kondagunta KQA Kalaakhar KQE Kotikulam KQK Koderma KQR Kurgunta KQT Kamarkundu KQU Kheduli KQW Kolar KQZ Karepalli KRA Kahet KRAI Khariar Road KRAR Karaboh KRBO Kiroda KRC Kharwachanda KRCD Karad KRD Koradih KRDH Kirandul KRDL Kartarpur KRE Koregaon KRG Khairthal KRH Korai Halt KRIH Khurja Jn. KRJ Karanja KRJA Karjoda KRJD Kyarkop KRKP Kotarlia KRL Kurali KRLI Karaila Road Jn. KRLR Kuarmunda KRMD Karmali KRMI Khorason Road KRND Krishanrajanaga KRNR Krishnapur KRP Karepur KRPR Koraputdistoa KRPT Karari KRQ Karisath KRS Kharsaliya KRSA Krishnashilla KRSL Kiratgarh KRTH Kheralu KRU Karavadi KRV Kharwa KRW Kharamp KRXA Kadiri KRY Khetasarai KS Kosamba Jn. KSB Kashichak KSC Keshod KSD Kosad KSE Khalispur KSF Kalisindh KSH Kosli KSI Kasimkota KSK Kamasamudram KSM Krishna KSN Kesinga KSNG Khushalnagar KSNR Kishanpur KSP Kashipurasarar KSPR Kasara KSRA Kashti KSTH Kushtaur KSU Kosikalan KSV Kesavaram KSVM Kherisalwa KSW Kalmeshwar KSWR Kotshila KSX Kumta KT Kushtala KTA Kantadih KTD Kotfatteh KTF Keutguda KTGA Kothgangad KTGD Katrasgarh KTH Khutaha KTHA Kathua KTHU Kanti KTI Khaltipur KTJ Kotlakheri KTKH Kotlikalan KTKL Kumtha Khurd KTKR Katkola Jn. KTLA Kutralam KTM Kotma KTMA Katora KTO Kotana KTOA Kathalpukhuri KTPR Kudra KTQ Kothar KTR Katosan Road KTRD Katareah KTRH Kathara Road KTRR Kotmisonanhlt KTSH Kuttippuram KTU Kottavalasa KTV Katakhal Jn. KTX Kotturu KTY Kottaiyur KTYR Kulharia KUA Kudachi KUD Kudal KUDL Kursela KUE Kaurha KUF Khachrod KUH Korukonda KUK Kolamb KULE Kuram KUM Kumarbagh KUMB Khurdpur KUPR Khajuraho KURJ Kuwanthal KUTL Kundara KUV Kanwar KUW Khirsadoh Jn. KUX Kavas KVA Kaparpura KVC Kadavakuduru KVDU Kuneanganj KVG Keshavganj KVJ Kavathemahankl KVK Kizhvelur KVL Karakavalasa KVLS Kavutaram KVM Kapadvanj KVNJ Kovvur KVR Kalsur KVS Kadakavur KVU Kusumbhi KVX Kavali KVZ Kaniwara KWB Katwa KWF Kawargaon KWGN Kachhwa Road KWH Kivarli KWI Khojewala KWJ Kampur KWM Kachewani KWN Koelwar KWR Kuanriya KXA Khariakhangarh KXG Kapurthala KXH Karimganj Jn. KXJ Kanshbahal KXN Kudikadu KXO Kaniyapuram KXP Ketti KXT Kata Road KXX Kareli KY Khurai KYE Kidiyanaga KYG Kalyani KYI Kayankulam KYJ Kadiyan KYM Kottapalli KYOP Kalyanpur KYP Kusumkasa KYS Kailahat KYT Karhiyabhadeli KYX Khada KZA Kurumbur KZB Kanhangad KZE Kazhakuttam KZK Khimel KZQ Kulitthurai KZT Kulitturai West KZTW Kunki KZU Kayalpattinam KZY Lakholi LAE Lakho LAK Lushala LAL Lathi LAT Ladnun LAU Laul LAUL Labha LAV Lambhua LBA Laban LBN Lucknow City LC Lalbagh Court Road LCAE Linch LCH Lalpurchandra LCN Lidhora Khurd LDA Lokdhikhera LDE Ledarmer LDM Lodipurbishnpr LDP Landaura LDR Lunidhar LDU Ladhowal LDW Ladda LDX Lakkiti LDY Lohgarhabub LGB Lalagudagate LGDH Lalgopalganj LGO Langting LGT Lehragaga LHA Lahabon LHB Lohogad LHD Lahli LHLL Lachyan LHN Loharwara LHW Linga LIG Lucknow LJN Lanjigarh Road LJR Lanka LKA Lakhabawal LKBL Lakodara LKD Lakheri LKE Lakhminia LKN Lakhna LKNA Lucknow LKO Lekhapani LKPE Laukahabazar LKQ Luckeesarai Jn. LKR Lunkaransar LKS Lakadiya LKZ Leliguma LLGM Liluah LLH Lalgudi LLI Lalganj LLJ Lalpur LLR Lalru LLU Limbdi LM Lakhamanchi LMC Linganenidoddi LMD Limkheda LMK Lachhmanpur LMN Lakshmibaingr LMNR Liliyamota LMO Almatti LMT Latemda LMTD Laimekuri LMY Lamana LNA Lachhmangarhsk LNH Lohiankhas Jn. LNK Lonand LNN Lohna Road LNO Lakhnauria LNQ Lunirichha LNR Lunavada LNV Lorha LOA Loha LOHA Loni LONI Lovedale LOV Lalapet LP Lapanga LPG Lotapahar LPH Lingampalli LPI Lalpurjam LPJ Lilapur Road LPR Ladpura LR Lodna LRA Lar Road LRD Lalpurumri LRU Lasalgaon LS Lusadiya LSD Lawasardargarh LSG Laheriasarai LSI Lasur LSR Loisingha LSX Lamta LTA Latehar LTHR Lakhtar LTR Latur Road LTRR Lotarva LTV Lusa LUSA Lorwada LW Lunseriya LXR Madha MA Maval MAA Mandibamora MABA Mahbubabad MABD Matanabuzurg MABG Madhapur Road MADP Madure MADR Matheran MAE Mangalagiri MAG Mahe MAHE Maholi MAHO Mehsi MAI Mararikulam MAKM Mal Jn. MAL Maliyamiyana MALB Malkapur Road MALK Manthralayam Road MALM Maliya MALX Mangalmahudi MAM Maninagar MAN Maninagar MANI Manki MANK Morappur MAP Mulanur MAR Mavur Road MARD Maur MAUR Mariammankovil MAV Mariahu MAY Mangra MAZ Murshidabad MBB Moradabad City MBCT Mustabada MBD Munabao MBF Maibang MBG Marwarbagra MBGA Mambalam MBM Marwarbhinmal MBNL Madhosingh MBS Marwarbalia MBSK Marwarbirthi MBT Mumbai Chitrapathi Shivaji Terminal MBVT Malwara MBW Mandidabwali MBY Mandapamcamp MC Mecheda MCA Mancheral MCI Manjattidal MCJ Madimangalam MCL Macherla MCLA Manchili MCLE Mukundarayapurm MCN Motihari Court MCO Marwarchapri MCPE Mirchadhori MCQ Mancheswar MCS Mumbai Central MCT Mulacalacheruvu MCU Macharya MCV Machavaram MCVM Mandhana Jn. MDA Mandor MDB Madhabpur MDBP Malad MDD Mandidip MDDP Makhdumpurgaya MDE Muradi MDF Manendragarh MDGR Mandhar MDH Madhapar MDHP Muhammadganj MDJ Madhukunda MDKD Modukuru MDKU Mandal MDL Mandarhill MDLE Mundalaram MDLM Modinagar MDNR Madhopur Punjab MDPB Modpur MDPR Madhira MDR Murdeshwar MDRW Mandasor MDS Mandavalli MDVL Madhavnagar MDVR Marwarmundwa MDW Masaipet ME Merta City MEC Medchal MED Marinelines MEL Melusar MELH Mauaimma MEM Mahidpur Road MEP Malethukanak MEQ Madurai East MES Malerkotla MET Mukerian MEX Marenga MEZ Mustafabad MFB Monabari MFC Muftiganj MFJ Musafirkhana MFKA Misrauli MFL Mahalam MFM Mahroi MFQ Mandlafort MFR Modelgram MG Mudigubba MGB Mugad MGD Mandagere MGF Mangliyagaon MGG Manigachi MGI Manigram MGLE Mangolpuri MGLP Muragacha MGM Mccluskieganj MGME Meghnagar MGN Mahisgaon MGO Monghyr MGR Mangrolla MGRL Magarwara MGW Marahra MH Mohadiprgnlng MHAD Mhmdvdkheda Road MHD Mahadevpara MHDP Maghar MHH Mahajan MHJ Mahwal MHL Mahanadi MHN Mohandi MHND Mahpur MHO Muhammadpur MHP Mahuda MHQ Mahendragarh MHRG Manheru MHU Mahuva Jn. MHV Madhi MID Mihrawan MIH Manikul MIK Milak MIL Mihinpurwa MIN Maikalganj MINJ Mirhakur MIQ Mira Road MIRA Mitha MITA Maripat MIU Meja Road MJA Majbat MJBT Malkajgiri MJF Majhagawan MJG Majhowlia MJL Makum Jn. MJN Majorda MJO Moharajpur MJP Majri Jn. MJRI Manjeshwar MJS Maramjhiri MJY Majholapakarya MJZ Miranpurkatra MK Mankatha MKB Markundi MKD Morkadhana MKDN Marwarkhara MKHR Makkajipalli MKJ Maklidrug MKL Marikuppam MKM Makrana Jn. MKN Markona MKO Muktapur MKPR Malikpeth MKPT Maddikera MKR Makrera MKRA Machhakunda MKRD Makronia MKRN Muktsar MKS Mokalsar MKSR Mukhtiarbalwar MKT Malkapur MKU Morak MKX Malhour ML Malpura MLA Modnimb MLB Malkisar MLC Malihabad MLD Malhargarh MLG Mandalgarh MLGH Mallappagate MLGT Manaklao MLH Maliyahatina MLHA Mangaliyawas MLI Mohanlalganj MLJ Malkapuram MLK Malthan MLM Melmaruvattur MLMR Malur MLO Malipur MLPR Malasa MLS Malsailu MLSU Melattur MLTR Malugur MLU Mallarpur MLV Mallanwan MLW Mullanpur MLX Maulaali MLY Malarna MLZ Mahim MM Muhammadabad MMA Mahmudabadavdh MMB Mahamandir MMC Maheshmunda MMD Muthalamada MMDA Mahadanapuram MMH Madurantakam MMK Madanmahal MML Mahuamilan MMLN Mandapam MMM Mambalappattu MMP Mandasa Road MMS Mahalimarup MMV Marwarmathanya MMY Mandamari MMZ Mankar MNAE Madankata MNC Mandirhasaud MNDH Mandidhanaura MNDR Manda Road MNF Maniharighat MNG Muniguda MNGD Mangaon MNI Manoharganj MNJ Mananpur MNP Mainpuri MNQ Manaksar MNSR Mundikota MNU Mannanur MNUR Mungaoli MNV Manganallur MNX Mankarai MNY Mohol MO Manoharabad MOB Mondh MOF Moga MOGA Moribera MOI Muli Road MOL Maman MOM Molakalmuru MOMU Modran MON Muddanuru MOO Mohitnagar MOP Mor MOR Malout MOT Motichur MOTC Moth MOTH Manoharpur MOU Mananwala MOW Mohri MOY Manaparai MPA Muirpur Road MPF Mundhapande MPH Madanapalle Road MPL Marthipalayam MPLM Mahipal Road MPLR Makarpura MPR Mangalampeta MPT Medapadu MPU Mohammadkhera MQE Madhorajpur MQH Mirkhal MQL Munroturuttu MQO Markahandiuht MQQ Malkhaid Road MQR Malsianshahkht MQS Murukkampuzha MQU Meralgram MQX Motajadra MQZ Morena MRA Munirabad MRB Muribahal MRBL Mordar MRDD Meramandolil MRDL Murdeshwar MRDW Manauri MRE Marpalli MRF Marmagao MRH Murliganj MRIJ Markapur Road MRK Maroli MRL Morwani MRN Morinda MRND Marampalli MRPL Mauranipur MRPR Murarai MRR Mathura Cant. MRT Mirthal MRTL Matunga Road MRU Marsul MRV Marwarranawas MRWS Masjid MSD Masudan MSDN Murshadpur MSDR Maheskhunt MSK Mahasamund MSMD Misamari MSMI Misrod MSO Masodha MSOD Mansurpur MSP Marwarratanpra MSQ Masur MSR Mahesharisndhn MSSD Masit MST Maskanwa MSW Mansa MSZ Matlabpur MTB Meturdam MTDM Mettur MTE Mataundh MTH Mothala Halt MTHH Mithapur MTHP Mothala MTIA Mailam MTL Mattancherihlt MTNC Muttarasanallur MTNL Motipurachauki MTPC Raimehatpur MTPR Motipur MTR Mutupet MTT Matmari MTU Multai MTY Musra MUA Muradnagar MUD Magra MUG Mahugarha MUGA Manuguru MUGR Munumaka MUK Mulki MULK Murhipar MUP Meerut Cant. MUT Mahuawa Khurd MUUA Mathurapur MUW Mugaiyur MUY Mohiuddinpur MUZ Mundhewadi MVE Manabar MVF Maligura MVG Morbi MVI Mavli Jn. MVJ Malavli MVL Mavelikara MVLK Milavittan MVN Manwath Road MVO Manavadar MVR Mallividu MVW Mairwa MW Mhasavad MWD Malwan MWH Mordadtanda MWK Malleswaram MWM Mahansar MWR Marwarlohwat MWT Mallanwalakhas MWX Mahalakshmi MX Marauda MXA Makhu MXH Mandrak MXK Mokholi MXL Morthala MXO Mahur MXR Malakpetkcg MXT Mahadevsal MXW Mahuariya MXY Malliyam MY Mandya MYA Miyagamkarjan MYG Miyagamkjnng MYGL Maheji MYJ Mayakonda MYK Malliyala MYL Memari MYM Miyana MYN Mundilyampakkam MYP Maihar MYR Mayanoor MYU Metyalsohar MYX Mayyanad MYY Mirzacheuki MZC Manzurgarhi MZGI Mauhari MZH Mirzapali MZL Muzzampurnryn MZM Mahmudpursryn MZN Manjuri Road MZZ Nawa City NAC Nagargali NAG Naksalbari NAK Namrup NAM Nandgaon Road NAN Nana NANA Nar NAR Nasrala NAS Narasingapalli NASP Nathnagar NAT Nawandgi NAW Nazirganj NAZJ Nimbhora NB Nabenagar Road NBG Nimbahera NBH Nanabhamodra NBHM Navabpalem NBM Nibhapur NBP Namburu NBR Newbhuj NBUJ Newbhuj NBVJ Nizbarganj NBX Nizchatia NCA Nabadwipdham NDAE Nayaazadpur NDAZ Nandre NDE Nindharbenar NDH Nandganj NDJ Nidamanuru NDM Nardana NDN Nandapur NDPR Nudurupadu NDPU Nandesari NDR Nathdwara NDT Nadauj NDU Nidigallu NDZ Nemem NEM Nenpur NEP Neri NERI Nivari NEW Nagari NG Ningala Jn. NGA Nagardevla NGD Nagarnabi NGF Nagina NGG Nagari NGI Ngrjunanagaramu NGJN Nagercoiloa NGK Naglatula NGLL Naglatula NGLT Nagasamudram NGM Nagaur NGO Annigeri NGR Nagrota NGRT Nagappattinam NGT Newgitldada Jn. NGTG Nagothane NGTN Nauganwan NGW Naihati Jn. NH Nihalgarh NHH Naharkatiya NHK Nandoldehegam NHM Nigohan NHN Nohar NHR Nalhati Jn. NHT Naganahalli NHY Naydongri NI Naila NIA Nidur NID Naigaon NIG Nilambur Road NIL Nilaje NILD Nimitita NILE Nimdih NIM Nizampur NIP Nigaura NIQ Nira NIRA Nabipur NIU Nivasar NIV Njramanal NJM Nagercoil Town NJT Nagrakota NKB Nekonda NKD Nakkanadoddi NKDO Naikheri NKI Narikkudi NKK Namkon NKM Nirakarpur NKP Nimarkheri NKR Naliya Cant. NLC Nileshwar NLE Namli NLI Navlakhi NLK Nilokheri NLKR Nallapadu NLPD Nalbari NLV Naliya NLY Naimisharanya NM Nirmali NMA Nomoda NMD Nidamangalam NMJ Nimkathana NMK Nellimaria NML Newmisamari NMM Newmaynaguri NMX Nandura NN Naugachia NNA Nonera NNE Nanaksar NNKR Narnaul NNL Nannilam NNM Nanguneri NNN Nangloi NNO Nanpara Jn. NNP Narayanpur NNR Nrynpurtatwar NNW Nosaria NOA Nogongassam NOG Nariaoli NOI Nokha NOK Niyol NOL Noamundi NOMD Noyal NOY Nawapara Road NPD Nipania NPI Nagalapalle NPL Nellikuppan NPM Nepanagar NPNR Nepalganj Road NPR Napasar NPS Narasingampet NPT Nipanivadgaon NPW Narajmarthapur NQR Niphad NR Nunkhar NRA Naroda NRD Nagireddipalli NRDP Nergundi NRG Naranjipur NRGR Naraina NRI Naraikkinar NRK Narkher NRKR Neral NRL Norlia Road NRLR Nurmahal NRM Narhan NRN Nakodar Jn. NRO Nari Road NROD Narsipatnam Road NRP Naraynpuranant NRPA Narayanpet Road NRPD Nagarur NRR Nagariasadat NRS Narasaraopet NRT Nariyar NRV Narwasi NRWI Noadardhal NRX Nowrozabad NRZB Nasirabad NSD Nallasopara NSP Nisui NSU Nar Town NTN Nautanwa NTV Nanjangud Town NTW Netawal NTWL Nathwana NTZ Narsinghpur NU Nua NUA Navagadh NUD Nujella NUJ Nagaruntari NUQ Narela NUR Nawagaon NVG Neyveli NVL Nawalgohan NVLN Navade Road NVRD Navsari NVS Navipet NVT Navalur NVU Nalwar NW Nagarwara NWA Niwas Road NWB Nawadah NWD Nawalgarh NWH Naupada Jn. NWP Niwar NWR Navapur NWU Nuagaon NXN Nayandahalli NYH Nayakharadia NYK Naini NYN Nayadupeta NYP Neyyattinkara NYY Nuzvid NZD Nazareth NZT Obradam OBR Obulavaripalli OBVP Obhaniyachache OCH Ochira OCR Oddamhatram ODC Obaidullaganj ODG Ondagram ODM Odela OEA Okhla OKA Olakur OLA Omkareshwar Road OM Uppal OPL Orchha ORC Oddarahalli ORH Orr ORR Osiyan OSN Osra OSRA Ottappalam OTP Moturu OTR Otivakkam OV Waria OYR Patas PAA Pardi PAD Palana PAE Pabai PAI Pakala Jn. PAK Pali PALI Palaiyam PALM Panapakam PAM Panagarh PAN Pandavapura PANP Panoli PAO Pithapuram PAP Pandhurna PAR Pasur PAS Parashshala PASA Pata PATA Pedana PAV Peddaavutapale PAVP Pandabeswar PAW Patti PAX Payyanur PAY Payangadi PAZ Puntamba PB Piardoba PBA Pedabramadvam PBD Pmbakvlshandy PBKS Pathsala PBL Pamban Jn. PBM Pembarti PBP Pathardihbazar PBQ Purabsarai PBS Paliba PBV Pantnagar PBW Prachi Road Jn. PCC Pachhapur PCH Pulicherla PCL Palachauri PCLI Panchalam PCLM Panchpipila PCN Pichkurirdhal PCQ Panchra PCR Panchtalavda Road PCT Palakkodu PCV Paglachandi PCX Pocharam PCZ Pundooah PDA Padubidri PDD Pindrai PDE Paradgaon PDG Pudunagaram PDGM Padhegaon PDGN Padadhari PDH Pendekallu PDL Pandikanmoi PDM Padse PDP Peddapalli PDPL Padla PDQ Payagpur PDR Pindra Road PDRD Pendurti PDT Ponduru PDU Pandaravadai PDV Pilioda PDZ Pipardahi PED Pathardih Jn. PEH Perani PEI Peralam Jn. PEM Pen PEN Phephna Jn. PEP Perambur PER Pernem PERN Phesar PES Piprala PFL Pachor Road PFR Padua PFU Pergaon PG Pagara PGA Penganga PGG Parpanangadi PGI Pilibangan PGK Perugamani PGN Pugalur PGR Piduguralla PGRL Padugupadu PGU Phagwara Jn. PGW Perunguzhi PGZ Patharia PHA Phaphund PHD Punarakh PHK Pokhrayan PHN Pardhande PHQ Phillaur Jn. PHR Panchrukhi PHRH Ferozeshah PHS Pirthiganj PHV Pipraigaon PIA Paricha PIC Parhihara PIH Pij PIJ Piler PIL Piplia PIP Palitana PIT Pingli PIZ Pajian PJA Pirjhalar PJH Panjkosi PJK Panjhan PJN Pakni PK Penukonda PKD Pimparkhed PKE Papinayaknahali PKL Pokharninrsnha PKNS Palakollu PKO Pallikere PKP Pattikkad PKQ Pakaur PKR Parsakhera PKRA Pakara Road PKRD Pattukottai PKT Panskura PKU Pilkhua PKW Lower Parel PL Palia PLA Phalodi PLC Paldhi PLD Piplee PLE Palghar PLG Pettaivayatalai PLI Palej PLJ Phulwartanr PLJE Parli PLL Panelimoti PLM Palampurhpoa PLMA Palampurhmchl PLMX Phulpur PLP Palappuram PLPM Pipalsana PLS Palsana PLSN Patakottacheru PLU Pallevada PLVA Pingleshwar PLW Plassey PLY Palam PM Paraomahna PMH Paramakkudi PMK Papanasam PML Paman PMN Pandoli PMO Pimpri PMP Pitambarpur PMR Parmalkasa PMS Palimarwar PMY Pansar PN Pendra Road PND Pennadam PNDM Prantik PNE Pangaon PNF Panchgram PNGM Puraini PNI Padriganj PNJ Panki PNK Panyam PNM Pandu PNO Panpali PNPL Punkunnam PNQ Panitola PNT Pundhag PNW Paniahwa PNYA Parangipettai PO Piparsand POF Pokran POK Punthottam POM Ponneri PON Potlapadu POO Pipalda Road POR Padrauna POU Pollachi Jn. POY Potul POZ Pipra PPA Pipraich PPC Piplod Jn. PPD Piplaj PPF Piplodabagla PPG Princep Ghat PPGT Pipridih PPH Pophlaj PPJ Pipli PPLI Phirangipuram PPM Punpun PPN Panposh PPO Pipar Road Jn. PPR Piparahan Halt PPRH Pirpainti PPT Piparpur PPU Peddempet PPZ Pranpur Road PQD Pawapuri Road PQE Pindlai PQL Pakkam PQM Pwnklaknder Road PQN Pablikhas PQY Parbati PRB Parsabazar PRBZ Perecherla PRCA Paradol PRDL Pahara PRE Parsipur PRF Prayag PRG Powerpet PRH Pathri PRI Prantij PRJ Parkham PRK Powerkheda PRKD Puruakhera PRKE Parkanhatti PRKH Polur PRL Parlivaijnath PRLI Pirumadara PRM Parauna PRN Purnia Court PRNC Pritamnagar PRNG Paharpur PRP Prshtampatnam PRPT Panruti PRT Pirtala PRTL Partapur PRTP Parlu PRU Parewadi PRWD Paras PS Parsabad PSB Parsoda PSD Pasivedala PSDA Palsoramakrawa PSO Pasraha PSR Posotia PST Patli PT Pattambi PTB Puttaparthioa PTBY Kodikkarai PTC Petlad Jn. PTD Patiala Cant. PTE Patranga PTH Potkapalli PTKP Pathauli PTLI Padalam PTM Patan PTN Patalpani PTP Prattiapadu PTPU Pataudi Road PTRD Patara PTRE Pathrala PTRL Patratu PTRU Patansaongi PTS Putalapattu PTT Partur PTU Patsul PTZ Patchur PU Pulla PUA Phanda PUD Palari PUE Pudukad PUK Rampuraphul PUL Pundi PUN Pirumrod PUO Phusro PUS Puttur PUT Punalur PUU Pusa Road PUV Parasia PUX Peddavadiapudi PVD Peravurani PVI Pasupatikovil PVL Parvatipuram PVP Parvatipuramtn PVPT Pandharpur PVR Piravam Road PVRD Paravur PVU Pirwa PW Palwal PWL Phulwanisharif PWS Prayag Ghat PYG Pandiyapuram PYM Payyoli PYOL Peyanapalli PYX Qadian QDN Quilandi QLD Kulem QLM Kayamsar QMRS Kilaraipur QRP Quarrysdg QRS Kansrao QSR Kothara QTR Ramparda RA Barara RAA Rajagambiram RAGM Raibha RAI Raikakhol RAIR Rajpipla RAJ Rajapur Road RAJP Rajur RAJR Repalle RAL Ramapuram RAM Rani RANI Rau RAU Ray RAY Rambha RBA Rahimabad RBD Raybag RBG Robertsganj RBGJ Reotibkhera RBK Raghubansnagar RBN Ribada RBR Rupbas RBS Rambhaddarpur RBZ Rachagunnari RCG Richughutu RCGT Ramachandrapur RCP Rikhabdev Road RDD Rathdhana RDDE Radhagaon RDF Rayadrug RDG Radhanpur RDHP Rudauli RDL Radhikapur RDP Ramdevra RDRA Ravtha Road RDT Rampurdumra RDUM Rechni Road RECH Regupalem REG Rithi REI Rejinagar REJ Ren REN Rasull RES Rewa REW Rafiganj RFJ Rajghatnarora RG Ramganga RGB Ramgiri RGI Raiganj RGJ Rengali RGL Rangapuram RGM Rotegaon RGO Raghunathpalli RGP Raghavapuram RGPM Raigadh Road RGQ Ragaul RGU Rakhamines RHE Rajgarh RHG Rakhi RHI Roshanpur RHN Rohini RHNE Rajhura RHR Ridhore RID Riga RIGA Rajanagar RJA Rajabera RJB Rajgram RJG Rajawari RJI Rajmahal RJL Rajendrapul RJO Razampeta RJP Rajendranagar(Patna) RJPB Rajapalayam RJPM Rajaldesar RJR Rajiyasar RJS Rajula City RJU Raikabagh RKB Rukadi RKD Rakhiyal RKH Ramkanali Jn. RKI Ramkola RKL Rmkrshnaprmgte RKO Sarairani RKS Rishikesh RKSH Rajkharsawan Jn. RKSN Kothariya RKY Rajula Jn. RLA Relangi RLG Rayalcheruvu RLO Raila Road RLR Rajmane RM Ramganjmandi RMA Ramchaura Road RMC Ramna RMF Ramganj RMGJ Ramanagaram RMGM Rangmahal RMH Ramannapet RMNP Ramakona RMO Rahimatpur RMP Ramgarh Cant. RMT Ramavarappadu RMV Ramsar RMX Rohanakalan RNA Ranabordi RNBD Rahenbata RNBT Ranjani RNE Raniganj RNG Runkhera RNH Rangapani RNI Ranolishishu RNIS Runija RNJ Ranjangaon Road RNJD Ranala RNL Rajankunti RNN Ranoli RNO Rupnarayanpur RNPR Renukut RNQ Ranibennur RNR Ranipur Road RNRD Ranthambhore RNT Raniwara RNV Renwal RNW Ruseraghat ROA Robertson ROB Roha ROHA Rupsa Jn. ROP Rora RORA Rajosi ROS Roza Jn. ROZA Rupnagar RPAR Rupaund RPD Rupaheli RPI Raghunathpur RPR Rupra Road RPRD Ranippettai RPT Ratanpur RPUR Ranapratapnagar RPZ Rningrjlpaigri RQJ Richha Road RR Rahul Road RRE Rahuri RRI Ramarajupalli RRJ Rewral RRL Ranchi Road RRME Risama RSA Ramsagar RSG Ratanshahr RSH Rasmara RSM Rasana RSNA Raisinghnagar RSNR Rasra RSR Rmgrhshekhwati RSWT Rasayani RSYI Ruthiyai RTA Rangtong RTG Ratangaon RTGN Raoti RTI Ramtek RTK Ratanpura RTP Rasulabad RUB Rajlugarhi RUG Rukni RUI Ranuj RUJ Rauli RUL Rupamau RUM Rudrapur City RUPC Rudrapur Road RUPR Ranpur RUR Rura RURA Ratnal RUT Raver RV Ravikampadu RVD Rajabhatkhawa RVK Ravindrakhani RVKH Rowriahsdg RWH Rawaniadungar RWJ Raiwala RWL Ranavav RWO Rowtabagan RWTB Ramsan RXN Ratangarh West RXW Rayanapad RYP Rasuriya RYS Rauzagaon RZN Shrirangapatna S Sathiaon SAA Santamagulur SAB Sonada SAD Simaria SAE Sangrur SAG Shrirajnagar SAGR Saphale SAH Sathi SAHI Sarai SAI Salwa SAL Salar SALE Salur SALR Salemmarket SAMT Sandila SAN Sardarnagar SANR Sagoni SAO Shahzadnagar SAR Shdsprapadmpra SAS Sasangir SASG Sausar SASR Sant Road SAT Sanand SAU Savda SAV Suriawan SAW Sahibabad SBB Sleemanabad Road SBD Sorbhog Jn. SBE Sulebhavi SBH Shribhavnath SBHN Subrahmanyaroa SBHR Sabarmati Jn. SBI Sabalgarh SBL Shribalaji SBLJ Shribdryalathi SBLT Shrivijainagar SBNR Sabaur SBO Sambalpur Road SBPD Sambharlake SBR Sarbahara SBRA Sangranasahib SBS Sabarmati Jn. SBT Sbhakhtiyarpur SBV Sbewbabudih SBW Solanbrewery SBY Sachin SCH Sanchi SCI Salichauka Road SCKR Simhachalam SCM Satuna SCO Sirnapalli SCP Shamchaurasi SCQ Secbadtwncb SCTN Sidhauli SD Sindhawadar SDD Sadisopur SDE Sudsar SDF Sahadaibuzurg SDG Sridungargarh SDGH Sardargram SDGM Saradhna SDH Shahdol SDL Sundlak SDLK Surareddipalem SDM Sudamdih SDMD Sidmukh SDMK Sholavandan SDN Sindpan SDPN Sadulshahr SDS Sadat SDT Somidevipalle SDV Semla SE Sonnagar SEB Salkhiacbo SEC Shedbal SED Shegaon SEG Sehore SEH Shendri SEI Selu SELU Seram SEM Senapura SEN Seohara SEO Semari SES Settihally SET Sendra SEU Sithalavai SEV Seoni SEY Saintala SFC Subedarganj SFG Sikir SFK Sunam SFM Sarangpur SFW Safilguda SFX Shajapur SFY Sareigram SGAM Songadh SGD Sigadam SGDM Sankaridrug SGE Sangat SGF Sultanganj SGG Safdarganj SGJ Srungavruksham SGKM Sangola SGLA Solgampatti SGM Shrigonda Road SGND Saugor SGO Sohagpur SGP Sangmeshwar SGR Sangaria SGRA Sulgare SGRD Sulgare SGRE Shoghi SGS Siliguru Town SGUT Saragchni SGV Singwal SGW Shahbadmarknda SHDM Shadhoragaon SHDR Seoraphuli SHE Shirud SHF Shapur Jn. SHH Sheikpura SHK Shalashahthana SHLT Shiroor SHMI Shivnagar SHNG Shadnagar SHNR Sheosinghpura SHNX Sihora Road SHR Saijsertha Road SHRD Shertallaioa SHTA Silghat Town SHTT Sholinghur SHU Shivani SHV Summerhill SHZ Raisi SI Sonik SIC Siddhpur SID Siddampalli SIE Sirli SIF Siho SIHO Sitimani SII Sakhigopal SIL Silao SILO Shriamirgadh SIM Sini Jn. SINI Samakhiali SIO Suraimanpur SIP Sarkoni SIQ Sirhind Jn. SIR Sirran SIRN Shirravde SIW Sajanvar Road SJF Sgmjagarlamudi SJL Sanjan SJN Sujanpur SJNP Shujalpur SJP Surajpur Road SJQ Shamlaji Road SJS Salemgarhmasani SJSM Shujaatpur SJT Sojitra SJTR Sikandrarao SKA Sakhotitanda SKF Saktesgarh SKGH Sakri Jn. SKI Sahibpurkml Jn. SKJ Sikkal SKK Sakleshpur SKLR Singarayakonda SKM Srikrishnnagar SKN Shankarpalli SKP Shrikalyanpura SKPA Somanayakkanpti SKPT Sikandarpur SKQ Sakhpur SKR Salekasa SKS Sakti SKT Sankval SKVL Shikara SKY Salboni SLB Sakaldiha SLD Silli SLF Simlagarh SLG Shelgoanh SLGH Siliari SLH Sulahhmchlpdh SLHP Sakrigali Jn. SLJ Sandalkalan SLKN Salka Road SLKR Salakati SLKX Somalapuram SLM Salauna SLNA Shivalingapuram SLPM Shilpaprabesh SLPP Salogra SLR Surla Road SLRD Salarpur SLRP Salanpur SLS Silaut SLT Sohwal SLW Samalpatti SLY Samsi SM Samudragarh SMAE Simbhooli SMBL Samba SMBX Samnapur SMC Simenchapari SMCP Shimoga SME Samalkha SMK Samlaya Jn. SMLA Shimiliaguda SMLG Semapur SMO Shambhupura SMP Shrimadhopur SMPR Samdhari Jn. SMR Sumreri SMRR Salamatpur SMT Samuktala Road SMTA Sambhu SMU Saraimir SMZ Sukna SN Sunderabad SNBD Snarayanchpla SNC Sindhudurg SNDD Shenoli SNE Sanatnagar SNF Sanganer SNGN Singhpur SNGP Sanganapur SNGR Saunshi SNH Sindi SNI Sindkheda SNK Sankarankovil SNKL Sanka SNKR Sanahwal SNL Santalpur SNLR Sitanagaram SNM Sonegaon SNN Sonipat SNP Singarpur SNPR Sankarpur SNQ Sansarpur SNRR Sasni SNS Sonshelu SNSL Sonasan SNSN Sanosaranandra SNSR Sainthia SNT Santaldih SNTD Sangrampur SNU Sanvatsar SNVR Saneh Road SNX Sanosra SOA Somrabazar SOAE Silanibari SOB Shillongoa SOC Sheopurkalan SOE Sogra SOGR Sirohi Road SOH Sarojininagar SOJ Somna SOM Soni SONI Saoner Jn. SONR Shiupur SOP Sonagir SOR Soro SORO Somesar SOS Shohratgarh SOT Suhsarai SOW Sukrimangela SOY Supedi SPD Sullurupeta SPE Stuartpuram SPF Sapekhati SPK Sundaraprmlkoil SPL Sujnipara SPLE Shahjehanpur SPN Surpura SPO Sonarpur Jn. SPR Singapuram Road SPRD Sompeta SPT Silapathar SPTR Sampla SPZ Sattirakkudi SQD Sontalai SQL Saraikansrai SQN Sultanpurlodi SQR Sabli Road SR Semra SRA Siras SRAS Surbari SRBR Santragachi Jn. SRC Sardarshahr SRDR Surajgarh SRGH Srirangam SRGM Surendranagarg SRGT Sukhparroha SRHA Salmari SRI Shridham SRID Shankargarh SRJ Sirjam SRJM Samrau SRK Semarkheri SRKI Sherekan SRKN Sarola SRL Soron SRN Sriramnagar SRNR Sirathu SRO Serampore SRP Swarupganj SRPJ Sarupsar Jn. SRPR Sarsi SRSI Satur SRT Shertalai SRTL Sibsagar Town SRTN Sirpur Town SRUR Shirva SRVA Suravali SRVX Shrikaranpur SRW Saraswatinagar SRWN Suranussi SRX Shirsoli SS Shakurbasti SSB Suisa SSIA Sisarka SSKA Sirsaul SSL Sasaram SSM Sason SSN Sadashivapet Road SSPD Sareri SSR Sarsawa SSW Shantipur STB Santacruz STC Satrod STD Satadhar STDR Sikta STF Sathajagat STJT Sasthankotta STKT Simultala STL Sitarampur STN Satnali STNL Sitapur STP Snarayanapuram STPM Sitampet STPT Sataraoa STRC Shaitansinghngr STSN Satulur STUR Sahatwar STW Sunak SUC Sudhani SUD Summadevi SUDV Sujangarh SUJH Sukhpur SUKP Suladhal SUL Sulhani SULH Sumer SUMR Shrungavarpukta SUP Surajpur SUPR Sholapurcb SURC Sureli SURL Solapur Jn. SURM Suratpura SURP Sukhisewaniyan SUW Sudiyur SUX Subansiri SUZ Suwasra SVA Savni SVB Sarwari SVD Sivaganga SVGA Shrivagilu SVGL Sonadanga SVH Sisvinhalli SVHE Sagarpali SVI Sajiyavadar SVJ Sivajinagar SVJR Savarkundla SVKD Sivakasi SVKS Sevaliya SVL Sanverdamchuch SVM Sivungaon SVN Savanur SVNR Sanvrad SVO Svenkteswrpalm SVPM Srivilliputtur SVPR Shivanarayanpur SVRP Shivpura SVT Srivaikuntam SVV Shivnishivapur SVW Savarda SVX Saraiharkhu SVZ Sehramau SW Sahjanwa SWA Shivrampur SWC Sanawad SWD Siwaith SWE Sathin Road SWF Swamimalai SWI Siajuli SWJ Sawaimdhopr Jn. SWMM Siwani SWNI Sonwara SWO Sewapuri SWPR Sonua SWR Sahawar Town SWRT Suwansa SWS Saidanwala SWX Sambre SXB Sonakhan SXN Sankopara SXP Salem Town SXT Suku SXV Sanha SXW Sirkazhi SY Salaia SYA Saraichandi SYC Singarenicolrs SYI Saidraja SYJ Saidkhanpur SYK Salpura SYL Savalyapuram SYM Sayan SYN Sarayan SYU Sindurwa SYW Saiyidsarawan SYWN Sarotra Road SZA Sarona SZB Surkhandkakh SZK Subzimandi SZM Sarupathar SZR Silakjhori SZY Tanur TA Tadali TAE Takal TAKL Taku TAKU Tarana Road TAN Tamna TAO Tapa TAPA Tharsa TAR Tummanamgutta TAT Talala Jn. TAV Talaiyuthu TAY Targaon TAZ Timba Road TBA Tribeni TBAE Tilbhita TBB Tatibahar TBH Timarni TBN Talbahat TBT Timbarva TBV Tiruchchuli TCH Tiruchendur TCN Tindharia TDH Tiruparankndrm TDN Tandaurmar TDO Todarpur TDP Tirupadripulyur TDPR Tiruvidalmarudr TDR Todaraisingh TDRS Tandur TDU Thondebhavi TDV Taregna TEA Teli TELI Telo TELO Teni TENI Telta TETA Teghra TGA Titagarh TGH Tuggali TGL Tangarmunda TGM Talegaon TGN Tuljapur TGP Tenganmada TGQ Tinaighat TGT Tarigoppula TGU Than Jn. THAN Thanabihpur Jn. THB Thandla Road THDR Thawe Jn. THE Talheribuzurg THJ Thallak THKU Thalyathamira THM Thathanamithri THMR Tulin THO Taherpur THP Thuria THUR Therubali THV Thivim THVM Thadi THY Tilaya TIA Tibi TIBI Tihu TIHU Tilrath TIL Timmanacherla TIM Tattapparai TIP Tatisilwai TIS Tisi TISI Talit TIT Tilaru TIU Tivari TIW Talaja TJA Tajpurdehma TJD Tajpur TJP Tumkur TK Teharka TKA Tupkadih TKB Tsakibanda TKBN Tuglakabad TKD Tarikere Jn. TKE Thakurganj TKG Takarkhede TKHE Takli TKI Tilak Bridge TKJ Tikekarwadi TKKD Tankuppa TKN Trikarpur TKQ Takari TKR Tikiri TKRI Tanakallu TKU Tikaria TKYR Talchhapar TLC Tilda TLD Talgaria TLE Talguppa TLGP Tilhar TLH Tulwarajhil TLI Taljhari TLJ Talakhajuri TLKH Trilochanmahdo TLMD Tilaunchi TLNH Tulsipur TLR Tarlupadu TLU Thalwara TLWA Talavli TLZ Talamanchi TMC Talmadla TMD Tutimelur TME Tenmalai TML Tirumangalam TMQ Tindivanam TMV Timmapur TMX Tamluk TMZ Thane TNA Toranagallu TNGL Tandarai TNI Tirunellikaval TNK Tanuku TNKU Tangla TNL Tiruvannamalai TNM Tondiarpet TNP Tanguturu TNR Tenneru TNRU Taraknagar TNX Talod TOD Tamkuhi Road TOI Thokur TOK Tondamanpatti TOM Tori TORI Telaprolu TOU Tirchrpalifort TP Tiruppachetti TPC Tiruchrpliplki TPE Tarapith Road TPF Tipling TPG Tinpahar Jn. TPH Talojapanchand TPND Topokal TPQ Tirupattur Jn. TPT Tiruchrpalitwn TPTN Tanakpur TPU Tirupatiwhlt TPW Tadakalpudi TPY Takia TQA Tarangambadi TQB Telam TQM Tikunia TQN Taru TR Tangra TRA Tarangahill TRAH Torang TRAN Tiruverumbur TRB Tirodi TRDI Tarighat TRG Tirukoilur TRK Turekala Road TRKR Trivellore TRL Tirunagesvaram TRM Tirora TRO Taraori TRR Tarsai TRSR Tiruttani TRT Triupunittura TRTR Tiruvalla TRVL Tisua TSA Tahsilbhadra TSD Tahsilfatehpur TSF Tinsukia Jn. TSK Taksal TSL Tsunduru TSR Tallisaidasahu TSS Titte TT Titabar TTB Tirumlaihlsoa TTH Turtipar TTI Tiruttangal TTL Tarntaran TTO Tiruturaipdi Jn. TTP Tiptur TTR Tettu TTU Tukaithad TTZ Tadipatri TU Tirunnavaya TUA Tiraldih TUL Tohana TUN Tung TUNG Tiruppur TUP Turki TUR Turavur TUVR Tuwa TUWA Tunia TUX Adavali TVD Tiruvangur TVF Tavargatti TVG Taradevi TVI Tadwal TVL Tiruppuvanam TVN Trivandrumpett TVP Talwandi TWB Twiningganj TWG Tilwara TWL Tyada TXD Tozhuppedu TZD Upleta UA Uppala UAA Udagamandalam UAM Unawaaithor UAR Ambala City UBC Ubarni UBN Umbargam Road UBR Uchana UCA Unchibassi UCB Unchaulia UCH Uchippuli UCP Udgir UDGR Andal Jn. UDL Undasamadhawpu UDM Udasar UDS Udumalaippettai UDT Urdauli UDX Uppugunduru UGD Ugar Khurd UGR Ugwe UGWE Unahimachal UHL Unchhera UHR Umariaispahlt UIH Ujalvav UJ Unjha UJA Ujhani UJH Ujiarpur UJP Ukhra UKA Ukshi UKC Uttarkathani UKE Ukhali UKH Uttukuli UKL Udalkachar UKR Umranala ULA Ulubaria ULB Achalda ULD Udalguri ULG Ullal ULL Ulhasnagar ULNR Kulti ULT Umardashi UM Umed UMED Umreth UMH Ambliyasan UMN Umeshnagar UMNR Umaria UMR Umra UMRA Umri UMRI Udramsar UMS Unchdih UND Undi UNDI Unaivansada Road UNI Unkal UNK Unhel UNL Unaula UNLA Uttarpara UPA Ulavapadu UPD Uplai UPI Uppalur UPL Usmanpur UPR Uppalavai UPW Umdanagar UR Untare Road URD Uren UREN Usargaon URG Uruli URI Urkura URK Unjalur URL Urma URMA Utran URN Ugrasenpur URPR Ukaisongadh USD Usalapur USL Usilampatti USLP Umartali UTA Utarsanda UTD Utarlai UTL Utrahtia UTR Udvada UVD Bhaga Jn. VAA Vadali VAE Vadal VAL Vapi VAPI Valapattanam VAPM Valkam Road VARD Vatlur VAT Vambori VBR Vaibhavwadi Road VBW Virochannagar VCN Vagdiya VD Vasad Jn. VDA Vendodu VDD Vedayapalem VDE Vadnagar VDG Vadgaonnila VDGN Vedchha VDH Veldurti VDI Vadakannikapurm VDK Vithisvarankol VDL Vadgaon VDN Vidyasagar VDS Vadiyadevli VDV Vedaranniyam VDY Veer VEER Veli VELI Verna VEN Vangani VGI Vaghli VGL Vangaon VGN Unguturu VGT Villianur VI Vilavade VID Vejandla VJA Vijpadi Road VJD Vijapur VJF Vyasarpadijiva VJM Vijiypurjammu VJPJ Vijayanagar VJR Verka Jn. VKA Vikarabad Jn. VKB Venkatagiri VKI Venkatesapuram VKM Vinukonda VKN Valmikinagar Road VKNR Venkatnagra VKR Venkatachalam VKT Vilad VL Bavla VLA Vayalpad VLD Valadar VLDR Vallikunnu VLI Vileparle VLP Vellore Cant. VLR Vadalur VLU Valliyur VLY Vallabhvdyangr VLYN Vikramgarhalot VMA Vadlamannadu VMD Vemuru VMU Vaniyambadi VN Varangaon VNA Vaniyambalam VNB Vendra VND Viswanathchrli VNE Visnagar VNG Binaiki VNK Vani Road VNRD Vishnupuram VNUP Vondh VON Virapur VP Ventrapragada VPG Venkatampalle VPL Bhupiamau VPO Visapur VPR Veysarpadi VPY Vailapuzha VPZ Virar VR Valavanur VRA Virdel Road VRD Varediya VRE Vikramnagar VRG Virbhadra VRH Virkudi VRK Varnama VRM Virarakkiyam VRQ Virpur VRR Valiveru VRU Viravada VRV Viravalli VRVL Varahi VRX Vishvamitri VS Vishvamitri VSI Bijaysota VST Bishnupur VSU Vasadva VSV Visavadar VSW Vellore Town VT Vatva VTA Vartej VTJ Vadtalswamnryn VTL Vetapalemu VTM Vaitarna VTN Valantaraval VTV Vaghpura VU Valivade VV Varvala VVA Vivekavihar VVB Vavdi VVD Valivade VVE Vavdi Road VVF Vadviyala VVL Viravasaram VVM Vikravandi VVN Vavera VVV Viduraswattha VWA Vadod VXD Vellpapalyam VXM Vyara VYA Vilayatkalan Road VYK Vyasnagar VYN Balwa WAB Wair WAIR Waltair WAT Wadhwan City WC Wadwalnagnath WDLN Wyndhamganj WDM Wadiaram WDR Wadsinge WDS Wellington WEL Wena WENA Whitefield WFD Waghoda WGA Washim WHM Walajah Road Jn. WJR Vakav WKA Wadakancheri WKI Wan Road WND Wanparti Road WPR Wrscolonyph WRC Wardha East WRE Warora WRR Warisaleganj WRS Washimbe WSB Shivarampur WSC Vasaniyawa WSE Wansjaliya WSJ Jamwanthali WTJ Wathar WTR Bptstation XXXX Yeliyur Y Yerraguntla YA Yataluru YAL Yedekumeri YDK Yusufpur YFP Yadgir YG Yeola YL Yalvigi YLG Yellakaru YLK Ellamanchili YLM Yelhanka Jn. YNK Errupalem YP Yerpedu YPD Yevat YT Yavatmal YTL Zahirabad ZB Jangaon ZN Zamania ZNA Zampini ZPI Zangalapalle ZPL Jiradei ZRD Zawar ZW Zeebeedee ZZZ